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Discrimination Training in 10 Minutes

Discrimination is an important perennial training topic for every workplace. So you’re in constant need of content that is concise and informative. In today’s Advisor, we give you a quick and compact session that you can use to bring employees up to speed in 10 minutes. The goals of this session are to help the […]

Train Supervisors to Communicate Effectively in Emergencies

The material in today’s issue is adapted from BLR’s 10-Minute HR Trainer session, “Communicating in Emergencies.” Supervisors such as yourself play a critical role in emergency communication. In fact, communicating emergency information is a crucial part of your job. In addition to conveying information to employees, you also play an important role in communications with […]

7 Key Steps to Prepare for Leadership

In addition to ensuring that employees understand the various roles of a leader and the many skills leaders need to develop (which we went over yesterday), inform your potential leaders of the importance of cultivating a leadership image that projects leadership potential. Explain that their leadership image is the base on which to build their […]

Talk About Telephone Training

The material in today’s Advisor is adapted from BLR’s 10-Minute HR Trainer session, “Telephone Etiquette.” Don’t forget to train employees to follow proper etiquette when receiving phone calls. Here are several best practices for answering the telephone. Answer promptly if you are not relying on voicemail pickup. Greet the caller with a friendly tone, identifying […]