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7 Key Steps to Prepare for Leadership

In addition to ensuring that employees understand the various roles of a leader and the many skills leaders need to develop (which we went over yesterday), inform your potential leaders of the importance of cultivating a leadership image that projects leadership potential.

Explain that their leadership image is the base on which to build their future as a workplace leader. Indeed, their leadership image helps them establish their position as a leader in any group or situation, inspiring confidence and encouraging people to perform at their best.

How do they cultivate a leadership image? By demonstrating these characteristics in the following areas:

  • Behavior: Leaders always exhibit impeccably professional behavior on the job.
  • Appearance: Leaders always dress appropriately for work and are well groomed.
  • Self-assurance: Leaders have confidence in themselves, their ability, and their destiny.
  • Energy: Leaders are vigorous people who radiate positive energy.

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To sum up, here are seven key steps employees can take to help prepare themselves for leadership roles:

  1. Take ownership of their current job and master all the competencies required for excellence.
  2. Learn how to motivate others to perform at their best and serve as a role model.
  3. Take on more responsibility and demonstrate that they are capable of handling it.
  4. Get to know the organization and the leaders in the workplace.
  5. Find their place as a leader by determining where they best fit in to the workplace leadership based on their interests, abilities, and career goals.
  6. Build good relationships with others throughout the organization, not just those in their own department.
  7. Be a problem solver and show that they welcome and can handle whatever challenges they meet in their effort to achieve goals.

Applicable Regulations: None

Training Tips:

  • Invite a few workplace leaders to talk to the group about being a leader.
  • Discuss steps participants are currently taking to prepare for leadership.
  • Talk about some of the challenges workplace leaders have faced and overcome.

Knowledge Review:

Distribute copies of the handout and discuss. Then have participants complete the Preparing for Leadership Quiz. It provides a useful review of their understanding of the subject.

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