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How to Keep Great Employee Ideas Flowing

When you share a great idea at work and your boss gives you the green light, you feel good, right? What if your boss greenlights your great idea and then delegates the implementation of the idea to you. How do you feel now? Many of us will feel overwhelmed and regret we said anything because […]


Borderless Pension Plans

As organizations become more global, HR leaders face the challenge of how best to reward and protect certain groups of their international staff. Pensions and savings benefits are often tightly bound by local rules and restrictions that can exclude some workers or render the benefits unattractive or insecure. One option is to look at the […]


Coronavirus Fears at Work: What Employers Need to Know

News reports of deaths and illnesses from the rapidly spreading coronavirus get scarier every day. Millions of people are being quarantined. Foreign companies and governments are evacuating their people from hard-hit areas of China where the virus got its start. And even employees who don’t travel for work are getting anxious about traveling coworkers who […]


Global Hiring Intentions Mixed, but U.S. Remains Strong

Jobseekers rejoice, the job market continues to work in your favor. But for recruiters and hiring managers, the struggle to find top talent rages on. The hiring challenges are not just limited to the United State, however, as new survey findings reveal that global hiring intentions vary based on location.


The Dangers of Becoming Too Close to Your Employees

There’s an old expression that says, “It’s lonely at the top.” If we picture a company’s management structure as a pyramid, with the seniority of the staff increasing as one moves up the pyramid, we can see how this makes sense.

Legal Immigrant Labor Challenges: How Are Businesses Coping?

James Davis, editor of HR Daily Advisor, recently sat down with Richard Burke, CEO of Envoy—a company that helps organizations navigate U.S. immigration and secure global work authorizations and business visas—to discuss how businesses are coping with immigration labor challenges.

Where the New Jobs Are

Recruiting Daily Advisor recently looked at the industry with the most job openings, and health care certainly owns that title. But another industry holds the top spot for most new jobs, and that industry is renewable energy.

Latest Tech Trend Could Land You in the Unemployment Line

When you think of termination related to cell phone use, it’s most likely related to someone misusing their phone against company policy. However, with the release of the iPhone® 7, one company is firing its employees for just having the phone itself!

What’s in a Name? $63,000 if It’s the Right One!

“Why didn’t I think of this when I was in high school?” That’s what a majority of you will think as you read the following article! A 16-year-old British student has made more than £48,000 (or $62,586.96 USD) naming Chinese babies, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That Didn’t Take Long: Robot Waiters Get Cut from Serving

Back in 2014, HRSBT reported on the rise of robotics in the service industry, from robotic waiters to robotic cars—nothing was safe from being taken over by technology. However, it appears this trend was short-lived, as three separate restaurants in China are now laying off its robotic workers.