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4 Steps to Conducting a Successful Coaching Session

I love being corrected and coached; especially by my wife.  My second favorite coaches are my four teenagers.  Since they’ve been sentient for a number of months now, they naturally have lots of tips and life wisdom to share with me, and I always receive it with humility.  What a gift their coaching is to […]

Train ’em up

If you’re a poor soul who’s followed enough of my posts to spot patterns, you’ll spot one here. Maybe I’m a broken record, maybe I’m simple-minded, or maybe I really like baseball.  Baseball speaks to me. The U.S. is still a blip in the long course of human history. We cobbled together our identity from […]


Why Employee Coaching May Be Your Best Strategy

In the new Coaching Employees For High Performance report, it was found that 71% of employees who took advantage of learning opportunities were more motivated. What’s even more encouraging, 64% felt more equipped to do their job, 55% felt empowered, and 48% felt ready to take on more responsibility. As you can see, the power of employee coaching goes far beyond learning something new. Here are more real benefits to this training trend.

Tough talks for tough situations at work: How to keep calm, get success

Maybe an employee’s performance has gone downhill or someone’s prickly personality is making coworkers miserable. Or maybe a personal hygiene problem requires action. Any number of situations that land in HR’s lap can trigger the need for a difficult conversation. No pat set of instructions exists since each situation is unique, but keeping a few […]


5 Tips to Help Develop Great Leaders

Like a stone thrown into the water, what leaders do has a ripple effect that extends well beyond those immediately around them. Besides impacting performance, leaders serve as role models, impacting the attitudes, behavior, and organizational culture with almost every interaction they have with their peers and direct reports.


Don’t Let Executive Productivity Tank

by Ed Chaffin, BCC, president, IMPACT Group Do you provide training for internal employees when they transition into a new role? Or do you let them free fall and cross your fingers? Most companies lack a formal training process for internal transfers—to the detriment of productivity and quick success.


Leading Through Crisis: A Q&A with Denice Hinden

At some point in time, every organization will have to deal with a major crisis, whether it’s the result of economic fallout, poor product performance, a scandal, a natural disaster, workplace violence, product recalls, the sudden loss of an integral employee—the list goes on.