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HR Salaries Jumping Up … But There Is a Catch

A consultant survey says that HR people have the opportunity to greatly increase their pay these days, but only if they develop the skills that merit such raises. What level of salary increase is in your company’s plans for the coming year? Probably about 3 percent to 4 percent, if you fall within national averages. […]

Compensation and Benefits: Know What Your Competitors Are Up To

In a tight labor market, you need to stay aware of what compensation and benefits your competitors are offering. Here’s a way to do it … at the click of a mouse. Yesterday’s Daily Advisor detailed a study by the Charlton Consulting Group on how employees greatly underestimate the cost of benefits to employers. The […]

‘Benefits? They Don’t Cost the Company Much!’

Surveys show workers greatly underestimate your cost of providing their benefits … and that there’s one “bennie” they won’t give up, whatever the cost to you or them. Health insurance … life insurance … disability … vision care … dental … the list goes on. Did you ever wonder where the idea of having employers […]

HRDA News Extra: How the Federal Minimum Wage Increase Will Affect You

Because of interactions with state law, the federal minimum wage increase, which takes effect July 24, will have different effects on the various states. BLR Editor Sean Dean prepared the following state-by-state analysis for the subscription website, HR.BLR.com. We’re happy to bring it to HRDA readers as well. After years of debate, President Bush finally […]

Law Firm Predicts Workplace Wellness Programs Will Become Mandatory

Will the day come when you either join your company’s workplace wellness program or be disciplined or terminated? A new report says Yes. Make a list of your company’s assets. It will certainly include your facilities and equipment, your in-house talent and proprietary knowledge, and your goodwill. And these days, there is likely to be […]

A Tool for Instant Answers to Compensation and Benefits Questions

When the boss asks for “a quick summary” on compensation or benefits, here’s the tool to research the answers … instantly. Try it for 2 weeks … on us. OK, let’s say your boss read yesterday’s Daily Advisor article on sabbaticals. And now he or she thinks a sabbatical program may be the best idea […]

Reap the Benefits of an Employee Benefits Survey

Unless you know what other companies like yours pay in benefits, you truly don’t know what to pay. Research like BLR’ s 2007 Survey of Employee Benefits will tell you. A recent Daily Advisor noted the cost of paid time off to business had risen to equal that of healthcare, and that each of these […]

Just How Does HR Feel About Itself? Survey Says …

A survey of HR pros about their own profession found them well paid, but under-respected, empowered but challenged, and frustrated, drained, and tired even as they start the day. HR Daily Advisor goes out to about 100,000 HR professionals each morning. Now, thanks to a survey by the opinion research consulting company, Discovery Surveys, Inc. […]

Audio Conference to Help Solve Paid-Time-Off (PTO) Problems and Reduce Unscheduled Absences

Paid-time-off (PTO) expenses can be as high as healthcare costs. Let a special May 2nd audio conference tell you ways to manage them better. What’s the biggest benefits cost you’ve got? Easy answer, right? It’s health care. Easy but also wrong. According to recent surveys, the costs of PTO, in the form of vacations, sick […]

Paid-Time-Off (PTO): At Many Companies, It Doesn’t Seem to Count

A surprising survey shows that many companies simply don’t track their paid-time-off (PTO) programs, even though the cost may be as high as health care. Potential savings from better management: millions. Employee: “Boss. I don’t feel well. I’d like to stay home but I’m not sure I’ve got any sick days left.” Employer: “Hey, who’s […]