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For Better DEI, Understand the Why

Nearly a year of seemingly continuous layoffs throughout the tech industry have harmed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, raising concerns about the vulnerability of recent DEI gains in the workplace. To ensure DEI initiatives are not only continued but strengthened, we must understand the total value they bring, to employees and employers alike. DEI […]

DEI Initiatives “Not For The Weary,” But Rewards are Great

DEI programs have evolved considerably in scope and complexity in recent years. What were once often derided as PR efforts paying lip service to the objectives of DEI have developed into sophisticated efforts touching virtually all aspects of the organization and managed by a dedicated team of committed professionals. Tiara Chesmer-Williams, Head of Inclusion, Diversity […]

Personal Experience and an Analytical Nature Drive Rebecca Derdiger’s DEI Efforts at Grainger

The corporate pursuit of greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a people-focused pursuit. So many of the DEI leaders we’ve spoken with over the course of our ongoing series are truly people people. They thrive on growing and developing talent, building communities, and fostering inclusion. But corporate-level DEI also often requires an analytical touch. […]