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Best of DEI Content 2023

This year, there was not only pushback from diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives by some organizations, but there was also pushback from DEIB programs in various industries. Despite these setbacks, fostering an environment of DEIB is more important than ever – and the businesses that embrace these values are the ones that will thrive in the years to come.

In fact, research increasingly shows that diverse organizations and teams can improve their decision-making process by up to 87%, which can boost revenue by up to 250%. Furthermore, helping underrepresented groups feel more comfortable in the workplace can also have a positive impact on an organization’s retention rates.

In 2024, fostering more inclusive workplaces will be a top priority for HR leaders, and several trends and strategies are expected to gain steam, according to Fluent Commerce’s head of people, Alex Pusenjak.

“First, a heightened focus on diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging initiatives will see organizations prioritizing not just numerical diversity but also creating environments that embrace diverse perspectives and foster a sense of belonging,” Pusenjak shared with HR Daily Advisor. “Additionally, data-driven approaches through existing systems and tools will become more prevalent, with HR leaders leveraging analytics to identify potential biases in recruitment, performance evaluations, and promotions. 

“HR leaders must stay abreast of evolving social expectations and workforce demographics,” he added. “This involves actively seeking employee feedback, conducting regular diversity audits— such as WORK180, and staying informed about best practices in DEIB. Additionally, ongoing education and training programs will help employees and leaders alike develop cultural competencies, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.”

As we prepare for the new year, let’s take a look back at HR Daily Advisor‘s best DEI content of 2023.


HR Works Presents Pages of HR: Unraveling the Knot of DEI

According to the guest of this episode, it takes more to be an ally than adding a statement of inclusion to a website. DEI efforts must be embedded in the ground floor of an organization. I’m super excited to be joined by Dr. Nika White. She’s an award-winning management and leadership consultant, keynote speaker, published author, and executive practitioner for DEI efforts in business, government, non-profit, and education. She’s also president and CEO of Nika White Consulting. Listen in as we discuss her new book, Inclusion Uncomplicated: A Transformative Guide to Simplify DEI.If you’d like to learn how your organization can simplify DEI and make true change, this episode is for you.

HR Works Podcast: Moving Your DEI Culture from Awareness to Strategy

What are some best practices for HR teams to support and fortify their DEI culture, and avoid backtracking during challenging times? In the latest episode of the HR Works, Larry Nelson-Guillen, an experienced DEI practitioner and Senior Talent Management Product Manager at American Family Insurance, discusses how the recent wave of layoffs is impacting DEI efforts across organizations. Listen as Larry explains how organizations should consider shifting their approach to DEI culture, moving beyond simply creating awareness across the workforce and instead utilizing their diversity as a strategic asset for long-term success and growth.

Building DEIB into Company Culture: A Journey, Not an Event

Meaningful corporate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) initiatives are still relatively young compared with other well-established corporate functions. This novelty can be a double-edged sword, especially for DEIB leaders who are starting from scratch in a new role and tasked with spearheading new DEIB programs. Lauren Jackman, SVP of DEIB at Medallia, falls into the category of DEIB leaders who had to build out the function when they took on the role. In addition to needing to establish Medallia’s DEIB practice starting in 2016, Jackman has also led successful efforts to build a more diverse community at Medallia through a number of unique strategies.

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: DEI Should Be Your Primary Objective

I’m joined by Sanja Licina, Ph.D., President at QuestionPro Workforce & Co-Host of the podcast Empowering Workplaces. Question Pro is an online survey software provider that uses innovative technology to help its users generate the insights they need to make better business decisions. QuestionPro, in partnership with EQ Community, recently conducted a research study across hundreds of organizations to best understand diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in the U.S. today. The study found that 37% of overall workers would switch jobs to be part of a more inclusive culture. Tune in as we discuss the study’s findings, the importance of diversity in the workplace, and DEI best practices.

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: DEI Isn’t About Preference, It’s A Big Warm Hug

With DEI and workplace satisfaction being critical topics for HR leaders and organizations, Adam Probolsky, an opinion researcher and President of Probolsky Research, joins to discuss recent data on how important diverse hiring is to employees and the public. Listen in as he shares the value of HR leaders using quantitative data to engage employees with an emphasis on DEI, how they can maximize internal opinion research to implement diversity, inclusion, or other company policies, as well as how fostering inclusion and belonging starts with listening and more.


Rethinking Equity: Pay Practices in 2023 and Beyond

Disparities between women’s and men’s earnings persist. In fact, women earn an average of 84 cents to every man’s dollar, according to Pew research. The explanations for this compensation gap range from intangible factors like unconscious bias to measurable factors like work experience. Regardless of the reasons, companies that want to attract and retain top talent must evaluate salaries and pledge to uphold pay equity.      

HR Works Podcast: Lifting Women Leaders Out of the Great Breakup

Why are women leaders quitting their jobs and what can organizations, and specifically their HR teams, do to support and retain the talented women of their workforce? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Monica Eaton, co-founder and COO of Chargebacks911 and creator of the LIFT Mentorship Program.  Listen as we examine the challenging workforce trend of “The Great Breakup” and aim to better understand why women leaders are leaving companies at alarming rates. An acclaimed thought-leader and entrepreneur throughout the FinTech industry, Monica is a champion of women in technology and offers some valuable insight to HR teams looking to not only support their women leaders but cultivate the aspiring leaders of the future.

How Family-Building Benefits Can Attract and Retain Diverse Talent in 2023

Corporations evaluating company-differentiating policies should put family-building benefits at the top of the list. After all, the makeup of the modern workforce is changing and becoming more diverse. And family-building benefits must accommodate the unique situations of all employees, including single individuals, LGBTQ+ community members, and anyone struggling with infertility. Here’s a closer look at how offering family-building benefits can help businesses attract and retain top talent.


Retirees: A Rich Talent Pool That Many Overlook

Despite talk of a looming 2023 recession, the U.S. labor market remains extremely tight. In fact, whenever older workers decide to begin their retirement, many employers faces a small crisis. Not only is it difficult to recruit any replacement workers, but finding one who can match the institutional knowledge and industry experience of a retiring veteran employee is also especially challenging. In this article, we’ll discuss some strategies, best practices, and observations for employers interested in reengaging with retired workers, including some tips provided by employers and industry experts.                                                

HR Works Presents Pages of HR: How to Deal with Ageism in the Workplace (Part I)

Over the past two years, perceptions of older Americans took a deep dive downward and those negative perceptions – that older people are frail and weak and, sadly, disposable – have crept into the workplace. In fact, before the pandemic, an AARP survey showed 61 percent of people ages 40 to 65 had either seen or experienced ageism in the workplace. Patti Temple Rocks is passionate about helping people understand how ageism stunts business growth and reflects poorly on our society. Temple Rocks is also an author and we’re discussing her book; I’m Still Not Done: It’s Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace. In part one of this two-part episode, listen in as we discuss why retirees are returning to the workplace and the value they provide, why senior employees are less likely to quiet quit and why organizations should care, the hidden cost of turnover that organizations risk by excluding workers over 50, and more.

Language: How Do Our Choices Fit with an Inclusive Culture? 

Language is ever-evolving. In the history of language, words have emerged, disappeared, and completely changed in meaning. And today, we are at a pivotal time in history. We have a new awareness of how our language choices can either contribute to a more inclusive work environment or create barriers that can harm and divide. Let’s look at why inclusive language is so important; why exclusionary language can be harmful; and how awareness, introspection, and education can support our ability to create a more inclusive work environment.


HR Work Break: The Loneliness Epidemic

The US Surgeon General recently deemed loneliness and isolation and “epidemic” as over half of Americans reported experiencing measurable levels of loneliness. What can HR leaders do to better support their employees’ mental health? Erica Kezwin, workplace strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author; joins HR Work Break to discuss the loneliness epidemic plaguing the American workforce. Tune in as we discuss employee mental health, the impact of remote work on loneliness, and best practices for cultivating a people-first culture.

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Implementing a Preferred Name at Work

According to a recent report by the Pew Research Center, about 1.6 percent of adults are openly transgender or nonbinary, and about 5 percent of people younger than 30 are transgender or nonbinary – that is, their gender differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. My guest today is one of the world’s few transgender CEOs, Wynne Nowland, and she transitioned at the age of 56, coming out as trans in an email to her entire company at Bradley & Parker. Listen in as we discuss tips for employees and employers who are implementing a preferred name at work.

HR Works Presents Pages of HR: 7 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Organization

Josh Bersin, author, global HR research analyst, and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, joins to discuss his new book, Irresistible: The Seven Secrets of the World’s Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations. This HR management book is a leader’s handbook for today’s unpredictable business world, where people and culture are more important than ever. Irresistible challenges companies to rethink their current approach to organizational design, leadership development, and human resources strategy. Listen in as we discuss the seven principles detailed in Irresistible, which are designed for remote and hybrid work, and reflect the need for diversity, purpose, and belonging, all with the goal of higher performance at work.

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