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The Human Advantage: Why Soft Skills Are Crucial in the Age of AI

AI is here, and it will change work as we know it. While some believe AI may replace large numbers of jobs, others argue it will not significantly change the demand for labor, just transform it, and potentially even improve the experience, and quality, of that work. It is only reasonable for such uncertainty to […]

Navigating Leadership with Biological Wisdom: Real-Life Applications of Safety and Danger Cues

In leadership, understanding and responding to cues of safety and danger are pivotal for fostering environments of trust, collaboration, and innovation. Drawing from Polyvagal Theory and Neuroception, Human Resources Managers can harness biological insights to navigate the complexities of organizational dynamics effectively. As Human Resources Managers, our role extends beyond traditional administrative tasks. We are […]

3 Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Leadership

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees started to see work culture in a new light. We saw the Great Resignation and later the birth of quiet quitting culture. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 47 million American employees quit in 2021 and another 50 in 2022. Workers are […]

Why Good Leaders Go Bad

By a show of hands, I ask in my leadership workshops, how many of you have worked for a bad boss or bosses? Reliably, almost every hand shoots up. Enduring a jerk of a boss seems to be a workforce universal constant in every industry. This is reflected in popular culture in movies like Horrible […]

What the Modern-Day Barbie Movie Can Teach Recruiters

With the release of the first live-action Barbie film, Barbie is finally getting the attention she deserves. The summer box-office hit brings Barbie into the real world, where she presents us with a fresh take on diversity and empowerment for the recruiting sector. Mattel was hesitant about the film at first. The brand has worked […]

How Soft Skills Make Employees and Leaders More Open-Minded

The 2005 global merger between Chinese and U.S. tech giants Lenovo and IBM was no simple matter. The companies knew differences in Western and Eastern leadership styles posed an obstacle to unity. Rather than simply allowing the dominant company to set the tone, they embarked on a revolutionary process to take the best of the […]

Faces of HR: Eric Cormier on Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Trust

Meet Eric Cormier, manager of HR services for Insperity, a provider of HR solutions. Since joining the company in 2012, Cormier has served in myriad roles, including senior HR specialist and manager of HR services of Insperity’s eastern service region. Cormier brings more than 20 years of HR experience to his current role, in which […]

How to Use Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

We live in an ever-changing world and the workplace is no different. From record-high burnout levels to mass layoffs, and fears of a recession, HR leaders have tried on a myriad of hats in an effort to retain talent and keep them engaged, productive, and happy. Still, the workplace remains rampant with buzzwords like The […]

Today’s HR Leaders Must Play Both Offense and Defense When Managing a Workforce Reduction

2023 is not just another year of disruptions. It’s a year in which business and HR leaders must play defense and offense at the same time. This means performing a realistic appraisal of the current situation—inflation, recessionary concerns, and geopolitical instability—and making defensive adjustments to the business that may involve cutting back on staff. At […]


The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Business Leaders

Many leaders seek ways to make their employees happier at work yet lack the emotional intelligence (EQ) to understand how to achieve this goal. While problem-solving abilities (IQ) are a vital characteristic in leaders, this EQ is just as (if not more) integral to running a thriving workplace, as this will bring back the human […]