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What the Modern-Day Barbie Movie Can Teach Recruiters

With the release of the first live-action Barbie film, Barbie is finally getting the attention she deserves. The summer box-office hit brings Barbie into the real world, where she presents us with a fresh take on diversity and empowerment for the recruiting sector.

Mattel was hesitant about the film at first. The brand has worked for decades to transform Barbie from a two-dimensional stereotype into a modern woman representing real-world body types, abilities, and ambitions. In a TIME cover story, Margot Robbie, the star portraying Barbie and the film’s executive producer, revealed, “If [Mattel] hadn’t made that change to have a multiplicity of Barbies, I don’t think I would have wanted to attempt to make a ‘Barbie’ film. I don’t think you should say, ‘This is the one version of what Barbie is, and that’s what women should aspire to be and look like and act like.’”

Mattel offers Barbie dolls in over 175 combinations of body shapes, skin tones, and hair types. Just imagine if the workforce began to mirror the world the Barbie movie models for us!

Barbie’s Recruiting Lessons on Diversity and Inclusion

For generations, Barbie demonstrated how women can break barriers and achieve their dreams. As a recruiting manager, we would see her welcoming applicants from all walks of life, celebrating diversity, and fostering inclusion. After all, the years have taught her that a diverse team fosters creativity, drives innovation, and builds company culture.

Barbie’s revolutionary strides toward diversity and inclusion have been inspiring. Her lineup of dolls with varying ethnicities, body shapes, and abilities challenges us to foster workplaces that welcome and value people of all abilities, identities, and appearances.

The new Barbie film reflects the values of today’s society. True leadership is about bringing people together, reflecting on their experiences, and then charting a course forward. Like Barbie, be an activist for diversity and the creation of equitable and inclusive environments as you move up the professional ladder.

What Barbie Does to Encourage and Develop Talent

Barbie understands the value of nurturing talent and recognizing potential. The film demonstrates how a promising new employee can blossom into a significant asset if given the proper guidance and encouragement. Picture a recruiting landscape where we all follow her example of attracting and retaining top talent and upskilling and reskilling our current workforce.

Barbie’s willingness to try new things and new lines of work typifies what hiring managers need in today’s rapidly evolving digital workforce. A registered nurse, a rock star, a pilot, a police officer, an astronaut, an entrepreneur, an aerobics instructor, and a veterinarian—is there anything she won’t try? What if we followed her example to invest, nurture, and bring out the best in each employee? Like Barbie, we can help employees be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Barbie’s many successful careers represent women’s limitless potential. As recruiters, we can take a cue from Barbie and support women who want to advance in their careers, accept leadership roles, and forge nonconventional career paths.

What Barbie Knows About Overcoming Obstacles with Resilience and Perseverance

The problems Barbie encounters reflect the difficulties actual recruiters face. Though everything in her life appears wonderful on the outside, tenacity and resolve allow her to face and overcome many obstacles.

Like Barbie, we should expect difficulties and setbacks on our professional paths, view them as learning experiences, and bounce back with optimism. Barbie’s legacy is all about a growth mindset. She listened to the criticism of her brand and used it as a chance to transform into the icon she is today.

How Barbie Demonstrates Adaptability and Flexibility

Barbie exhibits flexibility and open-mindedness throughout her journey. The movie’s message of adaptability in the face of a constantly shifting corporate landscape rings true today.

Throughout decades of change, Barbie evolved while somehow keeping sight of who she is at her core. What a fantastic example of forward-thinking leadership. Like Barbie, be a leader who can pivot, create, and guide your team through a dynamic and unpredictable world.

What Barbie Has to Say About Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Barbie’s high level of emotional intelligence gives her the ability to empathize with people and grasp their motivations and priorities. If we follow her lead, we’ll enable candidates to succeed in new roles by empathizing and connecting on a genuine level.

Barbie has long been a supporter of women’s empowerment, helping young women have confidence in their own abilities and dream of a bright future. The film delves into this role of mentorship. Like Barbie, we can encourage others to face adversity and lead with conviction.

What Barbie Teaches Us About Building Positive Company Culture

Barbie focuses on people’s skills, as well as their values, soft skills, and personality traits. In recruiting, we know that all these components are crucial for hiring and developing talent. Her example highlights the significance of creating a supportive and encouraging work environment and the necessity for a strong cultural fit among employees.

Barbie’s sunny disposition creates a warm and encouraging work environment. She proves that a leader who fosters optimism and injects humor into the workplace can maintain morale even in trying circumstances.

Barbie also represents the epitome of work/life balance. She maintains the “has it all” lifestyle, boasting a thriving professional career and a vibrant social life. We can follow her lead as she strikes a balance between work and play and makes time for herself, her hobbies, and her relationships.

How Barbie Models Transparent Communication

Barbie is known for her upbeat and optimistic way of communicating ideas. She motivates people to give their all by talking to them openly and listening to what they have to say.

Both her staff and her fans appreciate Barbie’s authentic enthusiasm. Like her, we can create a culture of openness and trust when we communicate in a way that allows people to feel safe expressing their true selves.

Many see more in the latest “Barbie” movie than just a comedy. As a role model, she demonstrates the importance of openness to new experiences, setting lofty goals, and sticking with them despite setbacks. Best of all, she inspires us to believe in ourselves and our team, to aim for the stars, and to remember that we are capable of amazing things.

Brianna Rooney is the CEO & Founder of TalentPerch.

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