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The Value of EAPs in Tempestuous Times

Recently, I had two different clients call about employees who had told coworkers they were contemplating suicide. I also heard from two different clients about workplace fights attributed directly to political conversations that got out of hand. Road rage incidents involving shootings appear to be growing commonplace, as are other violent incidents.

Now What? Disciplining an Employee with a Suspected Addiction or Substance Abuse Issue

With the rise of opioid and other drug addiction in the United States today, employers have to wonder—is it possible one of my employees is dealing with addiction? In the third article of a four-part series, Littler shareholder Dale L. Deitchler and associate Jeffrey E. Dilger discuss how to approach discipline where an employee might […]

Infographic: Stress, Depression, and Wellness in the Workplace

The relationship between mental and physical wellbeing and engaged, productive workers has been well researched. Today we’ll take a look at an infographic provided by LifeWorks, an Employee Assistance Program that takes a holistic approach to employee assistance and well-being. Many say that mitigating stress in the office can begin with recruiting so let’s take […]

Investigating Substance Abuse the Right Way

Yesterday’s Advisor discussed the problem of substance abuse in the workplace as well as the laws regarding this issue. Today we’re covering how to investigate suspected abuse—and what to do if such abuse is discovered.

Divorce and the unproductive employee

by Kathryn M. Grigg Employees are not the only ones who suffer through a divorce. Employers also bear the cost of an employee’s divorce through absenteeism and reduced productivity. This article addresses some benefits and support programs you can provide at minimal cost to maintain a productive workforce. Costs of divorce The amount of time […]

Workplace violence: Using threat assessment to reduce risk

Workplace violence—it’s a subject so difficult and so frightening that employers may feel paralyzed when considering how to prevent it. If someone is showing violent tendencies, an employer may want to fire the employee to remove the threat. But what if that’s the action that triggers more rage, worsening the risk instead of reducing it? […]

How HR can help employees overwhelmed by holiday stress

by Michael G. McCourt We now are fully involved in the crush of festivities and holiday shopping that traditionally mark the beginning of the sprint to New Year’s Eve. This is the season of peace on earth and good will toward our fellow man, right? Not always. A Challenging Season The holidays have the uncanny […]