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How to Align Employee Development with Company Growth Strategy

It can be hard enough to manage the day-to-day operations of an organization some days, let alone think about growth strategy. Planning for growth involves evaluating current market conditions, analyzing the competitive environment, and strategically allocating and capitalizing on resources. Companies have a lot of resources to consider in this regard: land, machinery, buildings, intellectual […]


What It Really Costs When You Don’t Invest in Employee Development

Deciding to invest in the growth of your employees is more than just a question of budget. If your company chooses not to invest in employee development, you’re setting your business up for lower employee engagement rates, lower chances of attracting and retaining talent, and employee stagnation—all of which deeply affect your company’s productivity.

MillennialsText—Good or Bad for the Workplace?

One of the most clichéd or stereotypical images of a younger employee slacking off on the job involves the employee texting at work. But a recent article by Valerie Bolden-Barrett, writing for HR Dive, reveals that texting actually serves legitimate business needs. Many younger managers rely heavily on this medium for communicating with their teams: […]


Training Priorities for 2018 Part III: Accessing Skill Competencies and Understanding the Impact of Technology

This is the third of 3 posts covering LinkedIn’s “2018 Workplace Learning Report. Part one looked at training for soft skills and global training, while Part two covered internal skill gaps, and tracking skill development. Today, we’ll look at the fifth and sixth top priorities: accessing skill competencies and understanding the impact of technology.

New Rules of Talent Management Part 3

Human resource professionals have long bemoaned their inability to focus on strategic aspects that impact their organizations, as they are burdened by the necessity to perform a wide array of administrative-type functions. Fortunately, that’s changing—and rapidly—as the environment is changing. The industry is actually quite dynamic.

New Rules of Talent Management Part 2

Far from being a static discipline, talent management has shown in recent years that it can be as, if not more, dynamic as any other business discipline. In an article in Harvard Business Review by Peter Cappelli and Anna Tavis titled “HR Goes Agile,” the authors argue that HR deserves some recognition for the way […]

Employees Want More Training—What Are You Offering?

There is a conception among employers and employees alike that training is something employees try to avoid. It’s an extra responsibility, it isn’t effective, etc. However, in an article for HR Executive by Michael J. O’Brien titled, “The Upskilling Disconnect,” O’Brien discusses a Randstad survey showing what appears to be a disconnect between employers and […]

Employee Engagement—Are You Giving Employees What They Need to Stay?

In an article for HR Dive, Rilia O’Donnell cites surprising data from Gallup showing that “The overwhelming majority—93%— of U.S. adults say that the last time they changed roles, they did so by changing employers. Fewer than one in 10 (7%) say they took a new position within the same company.” That’s a startling statistic […]

7 Challenges for Creating Development Programs that Work

According to Training Magazine’s annual report on training expenditures, U.S. organizations spent a total of $104.25 billion dollars on training and development in 2016. These learning and development initiatives range anywhere from traditional live training sessions to participation in outside seminars to training delivered through webinars, podcasts, or other technological means.