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Embracing Career Constellations: 3 Things Organizations Can Do

In yesterday’s article, we discussed what the career constellation is and how it represents a new paradigm in career trajectory. One that focuses on the lifelong compilation of experiences, capabilities, and skills instead of the old straight-line progression of job or role.


Career Mobility and the Constellation Concept

It’s hard to find a hotter topic among business and HR leaders than the “future of work.” The uncertainty surrounding the full impact of cognitive technologies, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning has many speculating about the impact on workers, given the opportunity for replacement.


Training for Constructive Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management

While we’d all love to work in an environment where everyone gets along and everything always runs smoothly, the reality is that conflict and disputes are a regular part of life in any organization. Shared resources— human and nonhuman—get scarce, priorities differ, and differences of opinion over the appropriate goals of the organization and how […]

How a Flexible Approach Boosts Talent Development

Talent development is—or at least should be—a key aspect of any organization’s long-term goal and succession planning. It’s also one of the most challenging. Top leaders and top talent don’t fit neatly into predefined molds. What works for some will fall short with others. This means that organizations should be taking a pragmatic approach to […]

Training Older Employees Part II: Training Tips

Many employers and employee development professionals have a bit of a bias toward focusing training efforts on younger employees—at the expense of older workers. In yesterday’s post, we discussed a few reasons why this may be a big mistake:

How to Align Employee Development with Company Growth Strategy

It can be hard enough to manage the day-to-day operations of an organization some days, let alone think about growth strategy. Planning for growth involves evaluating current market conditions, analyzing the competitive environment, and strategically allocating and capitalizing on resources. Companies have a lot of resources to consider in this regard: land, machinery, buildings, intellectual […]


What It Really Costs When You Don’t Invest in Employee Development

Deciding to invest in the growth of your employees is more than just a question of budget. If your company chooses not to invest in employee development, you’re setting your business up for lower employee engagement rates, lower chances of attracting and retaining talent, and employee stagnation—all of which deeply affect your company’s productivity.