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Valuing Transparency: When Employees Disclose Their Job Search

One’s job often feels like a core part of their being. After all, full-time workers spend roughly half of their waking hours working and tend to stay at the same job for years on end. That’s why it can be such a momentous decision for an employee and such a big shock for an employer […]

The Long-Term Benefits of Recognition on Employee Engagement: How It Can Boost Employee Morale

In human resources, recognizing employee achievements extends far beyond the fleeting moment of applause—it is a pivotal element in bolstering employee engagement and morale over an extended period. This discourse aims to unravel the mechanisms through which sustained recognition endeavors catalyze profound enhancements in workplace dynamics, ultimately paving the way for a more motivated and […]

Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day Year-Round: Elevating Recognition with AI Gifting

On Employee Appreciation Day, many employers make gestures towards their employees, often without fully harnessing its potential impact, jumping on the bandwagon. However, Employee Appreciation Day transcends a mere date on the calendar; it presents an opportunity to boost workplace morale and fortify the connections between leaders and their teams. Rather than contemplating specific activities […]

Most Common Employee Complaints to HR

Both HR professionals and managers are well aware of the tendency for employees to complain. And, while neither group enjoys dealing with complaints, it can’t be avoided. Some of the complaints could be avoided, though, by being aware of the most common frustrations facing employees and taking steps to head them off before complaints begin. […]

Elevating Year-End Meetings: A Toast to Recognition and Innovation

As we approach the end of the year, companies worldwide are gearing up for their annual year-end meetings and holiday parties. Amidst the celebrations, it’s a perfect time to recognize employees for their hard work. While it is important to acknowledge employees, it’s even more important to do so in a way that makes them […]

5 Tips for Giving Employees Gifts That Will Make a Difference This Holiday Season

The holiday season provides an opportunity for companies to express gratitude and appreciation to their employees and customers. It’s a time to end the year on a positive note, strengthen relationships, and lay the foundation for a promising new year. However, as the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” A poorly chosen gift can […]

How to Keep a Growing Hybrid Workforce Engaged

Keeping a growing workforce engaged poses a challenge under the most “normal” of circumstances. But as every HR professional knows, the last few years have been anything but normal. For IGS Energy, where I serve as Chief People Officer, there’s no doubt that things were simpler before the pandemic upended the way we work. Just […]

HR Query: How to Incentivize Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z has entered the workforce and is bringing unique skills and valuable perspectives to the organizations where they work. According to the World Economic Forum, the demographic is expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025. Gen Z is already shifting workplace culture and setting trends, ultimately forcing organizations to adapt to […]

Why Recognition Is a Key Driver for Employee Retention

ADP finds that more people are staying in their current roles than last year, and while this news illustrates a slightly rosier outlook on the job market, the labor shortage is far from resolved. Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) research shows that 66% of HR leaders say the labor shortage is getting worse. This figure should […]

The Road to a Healthy Work Culture: 5 Powerful Allies for Rooting Out Toxic Behaviors

A healthy and meaningful work culture is powerful and can really help your business succeed. Its absence, however, can lead to a dysfunctional environment that drains employees. If you want your organization to succeed, it’s essential that you shape a positive workplace culture that boosts teamwork and morale; improves retention levels; enhances productivity; and, most […]