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Why Organizational Structure Matters

In recent years, there has been a movement toward flatter organizations. The shift, aimed at greater equality, is based on the idea that each person understands his or her responsibilities and will act accordingly.

Sabbaticals to Attract and Retain Talent

Extended time off to pursue career and personal growth is a concept borrowed from academia, where sabbaticals remain highly popular. Yet, fewer companies now offer sabbaticals, at a time when surveys find “growth opportunity” is a priority for employees and job seekers.

When It Comes to Volunteerism, the Citi Never Sleeps

An earlier Recruiting Daily Advisor article looked at research that suggests a culture of volunteerism has a positive impact on employee recruitment, engagement, and retention. Volunteerism is also about giving back to the community, as global banking giant Citi well knows. The Advisor provides a look at Citi as a best practice example, and to […]

Employees Seek Greener Pastures

Summer’s here and employees are eyeing the exit door. And it’s not with yearning for fun in the sun. One-fourth of the workforce plans to look for a new job this summer, according to a study from Spherion Staffing Services.

How to Keep Top Talent

Employee retention efforts are often focused on the employee population as a whole, when, in truth, you would prefer that some people head for the exit door.