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The Crucial Role of ERGs in Shaping Remote Work Culture

The foundation of culture can be deeply rooted in the health and vitality of your Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In our own company, we have experienced that these groups are not just extracurricular activities but essential components of an organization, fostering trust through meaningful opportunities of learning and connection. ERGs are the heartbeat of culture […]

Use Employee Resource Groups to Unify Employees (And How to Do It)

Companies face a number of challenges in today’s landscape, including high employee turnover and political polarization. These issues make it difficult to keep the fabric of their company intact and promote a unified workforce. However, both employee retention and unity can be addressed by strategically launching a network of employee resource groups (ERGs). A successful […]

Driving DEI With a Passion for Pinclusion

Often, those who achieve prominence in the corporate world have a strong passion for their field. A chief financial officer might have a passion for finance, a chief legal officer may be passionate about corporate law, and a chief information officer is likely passionate about the IT function, for example. It therefore follows that chief […]

Building and Fostering Employee Resource Groups

At a time when talent pools are shrinking and turnover is at an all-time high, HR leaders are challenged with prioritizing initiatives that will both attract and retain employees in our new digital workplace. A survey found that 76% of jobseekers and employees rank a diverse workforce as an important factor when evaluating prospective employers […]


How Businesses Can Use Employee Resource Groups to Drive Growth

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-driven networks that empower team members, foster diversity and inclusion, spark connectivity and creativity, and develop a support system around a particular interest that aligns with an organization’s purpose and values.