Perks, Insurance, and Atypical Benefits–How Do You Compare?

Beyond health insurance and retirement benefits (covered in previous surveys), the number one perk provided by the employers responding to our survey was paid holidays, with 91% percent of them offering it. Other highlights: Flextime is offered by 53% of respondents. About 33% relax their dress code in the summer, at least for some employees. […]

Super Safety Training Sessions, Part 1: Preparation

Imagine two training rooms, side by side. Both host safety training meetings. In Room A, the instructor drones on and on, doing all the talking, while trainees check their watches, look longingly at the exit, or just slouch at their desks with a 10,000-yard stare in their eyes. When the session breaks, there’s a dash […]

Customer Service Training Begins with Hiring the Right People

As we learned yesterday, the ultimate success of any business derives from the attitude of its employees. Good-natured employees not only diligently carry out their assigned tasks, but do so positively and creatively. They project good feelings and may find solutions to customer problems even where solutions don’t currently exist. That’s something even the best […]

Do You Know the FUNdamentals of Safety Training?

When it comes to openers and closers, safety consultant Linda Tapp urges trainers to keep in mind the law of primary and “recency.” Trainees are going to remember what you do first and last. So you want to make sure to choose the right activities—activities at the beginning of the session that will get trainees […]

There’s More to Ladder Safety Training Than Workers Might Think

Ladders are simple devices—and that may be their biggest fault. Workers tend to mistake simplicity for harmlessness, often overlooking necessary precautions. More precautions are necessary to stay safe on portable ladders than your employees might think. For example, even before setting up a ladder, the site has to be checked for safety. Say the site […]

Court Clarifies Standards for Mixed-Motive Claims

“Mixed-motive” discrimination claims are among the most confusing kinds of employment cases. A mixed-motive bias claim occurs when an employee alleges that bias was one of the reasons that the employee was terminated or suffered some other kind of adverse employment action. In these cases, the employer asserts that there was a legitimate reason for […]

Employer’s Free Speech Rights Upheld

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion this week denying the application of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to have eight employees of the Santa Barbara News-Press, who were fired for engaging in union activity, reinstated.

New COBRA Notices You Must Use by 2/17

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) was enacted in February 2009. Among other things, the ARRA provides a COBRA premium subsidy for employees who are laid off or terminated. The subsidy requires employers to pay for 65 percent of a separated employee’s COBRA premium, which the federal government then reimburses to employers.

From the CEA Mailbag: Are Paid Birthdays Off the Same as Vacation?

A California Employer Advisor reader asks: Our company policy gives employees their actual birthday off with pay. A birthday that falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday will be taken on the preceding or following workday. Subject to a supervisor’s approval, employees may take another day off, but it must be within one week of […]