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Our Veterans Need More Volunteers to Raise Service Dogs: Here’s How Businesses Can Help

Countless veterans fighting PTSD and adapting to life with disabilities are currently on waiting lists for a service dog who could change – and quite possibly save – their lives. The lack of volunteers willing and able to take a puppy everywhere with them for 18 months has stretched wait times up to two years. […]

Untapped Potential: The Surprising Benefits of Hiring Veterans in Tech

A recent survey indicates 81% of organizations are encountering a shortage of skilled tech workers. This could be connected to the recent wave of Silicon Valley layoffs, but it’s more likely due to a narrow view of where to source this talent. Regardless of skill, tech workers are still in high demand outside of the tech industry. […]

Why Bringing Veterans to Your Team Benefits All

Veterans learn formidable skills in the military to make themselves an asset on the battlefield, and those skills often serve them well in the civilian business world. The skills can range from soft skills like building trust to hard skills such as advanced programming or logistics. There are also financial incentives for hiring veterans that […]

Why Military Veterans Make Good Business Sense  

Amid the labor shortage and widening skills gaps, the race for talent in 2022 is a competitive one. As a result, employers struggling to recruit job-ready employees with the required technical skills are rethinking and streamlining their hiring initiatives. For some, the solution to bridging the rapidly expanding skills gap and building a diverse talent […]

The Barriers that Exist for Job-Seeking Veterans and How to Eliminate Them

For military service members, transitioning to civilian life is riddled with challenges and finding a job is one of the leading obstacles. Job search struggles affect nearly 200,000 veterans every year, and only one in four veterans have a job lined up after leaving the armed forces, according to the Pew Research Center. Some of […]

Happy Veterans’ Day 2022

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served. Veterans represent 5.6% of today’s total civilian labor force, and they bring countless skills with them such as dedication, commitment, teamwork, and leadership. As we head into Veterans Day, we’ve collected our best articles that highlight the best practices […]

Hiring Veterans: The Hidden Value of Unconventional Workers

While America celebrates members of the U.S. armed forces, who have valiantly served their country, this Veterans Day, many military men and women are making the decision to enter civilian life. Those making the transition now are doing so at an ideal time, as employers are refreshing the hiring process, opting to redefine the idea […]

Pandemic Offers Unique Opportunity to Hire Military Veterans and Spouses

For a number of reasons, military veterans often find that landing a job outside the military can be very difficult. Additionally, they often get placed in jobs that don’t utilize their military training, leading to poor retention and general dissatisfaction. In a recent interview, I discussed the situation, how employers can help, and the unique […]