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4 Common Mistakes of HR Automation

Are you considering embracing more automation in your HR department this year? Automation can make a huge difference in the day-to-day operations of a company and can impact its bottom line in a large way. By automating more of your activity, you free up your HR team to do what it does best: caring for […]

Occupancy Monitoring: Understanding Office Space in Hybrid Working

With hybrid work becoming the new normal, businesses are under pressure to reevaluate the efficiency of their office spaces. While this may appear to be a mammoth task for many, effective occupancy monitoring can help create a seamless transition to a hybrid workspace. In addition, technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) boost these […]

The Growing Status of Corporate Learning and Development

When it comes to respect as a legitimate corporate priority, learning and development (L&D) have come a long way over the last several decades. Readers who may be old enough to remember the days of painfully corny training videos can likely also attest to the progress training materials and efforts have made over the years. […]


HR Data Is a Mess: People Analytics Can Clean Up the Process

Every HR department has done it: Your team scrambles to sift through a year’s worth of data, stored in spreadsheets, e-mails, printouts, and some folder a manager left on your desk, all because head count planning is on the horizon. Why is it so hard? And how is it a headache every year? Outdated HR […]

How to Use Data When You Don’t Have a Data Background

As HR becomes a more strategic role in the workplace, professionals in the field have found they need to be data experts, even if they have no such background. In this issue of “Faces of HR,” we learn how one professional carefully developed a comfort with data and how she uses them today.

4 Ways Data Can Help Benefit Leaders Improve Employee Health

As executives across industries assess how to remain competitive in their markets, ensuring their people are healthy and their organizations are productive and performing are paramount to ongoing success. The landscape for CHROs, total rewards executives, and benefits leaders continues to evolve, and knowing their employees requires an increased focus on data to inform their […]