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What HR Professionals Need Know to Prevent Employee Healthcare Data from Ending Up Overseas

In February of this year, the Biden Administration signed an executive order aimed to protect American citizen’s’ personal data, brought about in large part because of the growing awareness that sensitive data, including healthcare data, is being bought and sold internationally. This initiative, combined with a growing number of states enacting laws requiring companies to […]

2024 AI Hiring Trends

The world isn’t slowing down, so businesses must design hiring strategies to withstand seismic shifts. In the first quarter alone, there was no shortage of significant world news impacting hiring: So, what should companies do to navigate this in a consolidating market with high demand for skilled workers? Here’s what you need to know. Artificial […]

The Continuing Importance of the Human Touch in the Age of AI

As technology reshapes our world, with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into daily life, the essence of human interaction becomes increasingly valuable. In an interview with BBC Worklife, Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, emphasizes the critical role of personal touch in sectors where trust is crucial, like skin care. The Personal Touch […]

Is Tech Still Best for Workplace Wellbeing?

It really is incredible how far we’ve come with mental health at work, even if there’s still a long way to go. Before the pandemic, engaging with organizations on mental health was much more of an education piece; encouraging leaders and decision-makers to think about the wellbeing of their people, motivated primarily by its links […]

Embracing AI at Work: Why Your Outlook Matters

As generative AI reshapes our workplaces, not everyone is on the same page about its value. According to a compelling study by meQuilibrium, which surveyed 5,989 adults, an employee’s response to AI could depend a lot on their personal traits like resilience, positivity, and problem-solving skills. The Role of Positivity and Resilience The study highlights […]

AI vs. Human Blind Spots in the Interview Process: Finding the Right Balance

As AI technology rapidly advances, companies are eagerly adopting these innovations to revolutionize and streamline their hiring practices. Notable firms like Hilton and Unilever have adopted AI-driven tools such as chatbots for initial screenings and one-way video interview platforms to enhance efficiency and manage large volumes of applicants. These tools automate routine tasks, allowing talent […]

Making Hybrid Work Successful: Strengthening Your Tech Stack

A recent survey shows that nearly seven in ten US workers prefer the option of a hybrid work model, meaning companies that are laser-focused on the Return-To-Work (RTO) movement without flexibility are losing out on top talent. Navigating this shifting work dynamic can be challenging, but today’s workplaces must evolve to meet the needs of […]

How to Build a Global Workforce Without Falling into Compliance Traps

The rise of the global gig economy and its transformative impact on the workforce cannot be denied. Location-based services such as rideshares and food delivery are ubiquitous, and online gig assignments account for up to 12.5% of the global labor force according to The World Bank Group’s report, Working Without Borders. The surge allows companies […]

Strategies for Career Advancement in the AI-Powered Landscape

The rapid pace of technological innovation—including artificial intelligence (AI)—is reshaping the way we work. As a result, traditional roles are undergoing significant transformations, and new opportunities are emerging at an unprecedented rate. Across industries like healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and transportation, entirely new approaches to problem-solving, decision-making, and process optimization are taking root with AI. This […]

With Hybrid Work ‘Here to Stay,’ Can New Tech Boost Occupancy Planning?

Four years following the pandemic, a new survey from JLL finds that hybrid working is now the most common workstyle globally, with 87% of organizations operating with a hybrid program today. Hybrid work has proven to have a lasting impact and is “here to stay,” according to JLL’s new 2024 Global Occupancy Planning Benchmarking Report. The […]