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What Does it Mean to be a Leader in a World That Constantly Gets Disrupted?

There’s a great saying in military circles that’s often summarized as “no plan survives contact with the enemy.” As business leaders in a highly disrupted world, it’s easy to feel that way: hours upon hours of thoughtful strategizing routinely gets blown up by everything from constant geopolitical uncertainty to fast-shifting employee preferences. Even the best […]

Why Companies Struggle to Maintain their Tech Talent and Best Practices to Foster Sustained Growth

While tech layoffs dominated news headlines last year, in a turn of events, companies now struggle to find qualified workers amid the shrinking tech talent pool. Today, the demand for tech talent significantly exceeds the supply, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that this talent shortage in the software development field will increase to 1.2M […]

A Learning Culture Is No Longer Just a ‘Nice-to-Have’ for Talent Retention

In a rapidly changing work environment, organizations grapple with retaining quality talent amidst an exhausted workforce, shrinking budgets, and an uncertain economy. The desire to stick around is decreasing among employees. According to Gartner, employee attrition averaged around 20% in 2022. The evolving landscape of employment—characterized by a surge in remote working, the loss of […]

How to Get Your Workforce on Board with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most impactful technologies the business world has ever seen. It’s affecting almost every single industry with its ability to automate processes, transform data into helpful reports, and make recruitment much less labor-intensive. AI isn’t going anywhere, and if your company hasn’t yet implemented some form of AI technology, […]

Strategies for Effective Remote Employee Training in a Post-Pandemic World

The post-pandemic era has ushered in a new normal for the workforce, with remote work becoming a staple for many organizations. This shift has brought unique challenges and opportunities, particularly in the realm of employee training. As companies adapt to this change, developing effective strategies for remote training is crucial to ensure employees remain skilled, […]

Are Companies Neglecting Their ‘Deskless’ Workers?

In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace culture, a significant portion of the workforce often remains in the shadows of corporate attention: the deskless workers. O.C. Tanner, an employee recognition and workplace culture firm, sheds light on this overlooked demographic in its 2024 Global Culture Report. The report, based on data from over 42,000 employees and […]

Business Leaders Are Leaning into AI

There’s often a stereotype around the disconnect between business leaders and new technology. Readers of a certain age likely remember the common caricature of the elderly manager dictating information to a secretary because the manager never learned how to type or the boss who simply couldn’t or chose not to understand e-mail. While these examples […]

Big-Name Companies Demonstrate Faith in AI with Massive Training Investments

As advances in, and rapidly expanding access to, artificial intelligence (AI) tools continue to grab headlines, most observers—even the most technologically savvy—acknowledge that the future capabilities and applications of this new technology are unknown and difficult to predict. This has led many companies to take a wait-and-see approach to how to leverage AI in their […]

3 Key Workplace Trends for 2024

As we near 2024, business leaders and HR professionals are actively envisioning the upcoming year and strategizing to enhance their operations. No doubt many will be paying close attention to a number of emerging trends, with special interest in the push to end remote work, and the further integration of AI into workflows. However, success […]

Best of HR Work Break 2023

HR Work Break takes a quick, but close look at everything Human Resources—listeners can learn something new, take our expert’s advice to heart, or simply stay abreast of today’s trending topics. As we say goodbye to 2023 and look toward 2024, let’s check out some of our favorite HR Work Break episodes from the past […]