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5 Things You Should Know About the Recruiting Technology Revolution

More than 30 years ago, people started posting résumés and job descriptions on the Internet, and the recruiting profession has never been the same since. Once again, we’re in the midst of a transformative shift, driven this time by the impact of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation. This is exciting news […]

How HR Teams Can Maximize the Value of AI and Minimize the Risk

Over the past 6 months, the acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the form of large language models (LLMs) like Open AI’s GPT-4, has been relentless. These models have demonstrated capacities that would have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago, such as the ability to immediately produce compelling and fluent text […]

Suffering Tech Overload? How to Help Employees Get App-Happy

People rely on all kinds of technology to get their work done. Zoom meetings, Slack messages, scheduling apps, and other tools keep the workplace humming. But at what point does all that tech do more harm than good? Can employers and their employees find the sweet spot—the point where apps make work and life run […]

Mixed Views On Automation Among Workers

Recent research suggests workers have mixed views on the potential impacts of automation on the workforce. Automation in the workplace isn’t anything new. From the breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution to today’s advanced robotics and computerized processes, automation is fully embedded into the American workforce. But broadly speaking, employee views of automation are mixed. Up […]

How Automation Supports Humanity at Work

We’ve long used technology to simplify our personal lives, such as for getting directions and checking weather forecasts, to name a few. Now, more consumer-grade tech than ever can simplify the work we do, too. But tools like self-service software and automated payroll processing aren’t a substitute for people—they complement people. In the last few […]

How to Maintain Compliance and Confidentiality in HR

The HR department is critical in ensuring companies comply with employment laws and regulations while maintaining employee confidentiality. Failure to maintain compliance and privacy can have great legal and financial repercussions for the company. Therefore, HR departments need to implement measures that ensure compliance and confidentiality. Here we’ll discuss compliance and privacy in the HR […]

How Generative AI Has the Potential to Change Hiring

Putting together résumés and cover letters is arguably one of the most tedious tasks involved in the job application process. While résumés may need to be tweaked to highlight different experiences and skills depending on a particular job opening, these documents are relatively static compared with cover letters, which typically require more customization for each […]

Do AI ChatBots Make it Easier for Employees to Secretly Hold Multiple Jobs?

Outsourcing and improved technology have long been used by employers to cut costs and boost productivity. But employers have also gotten into the act in recent years, albeit often without the consent or even knowledge of their employers. Moonlighting on the Sly For example, in 2013 a U.S. software developer in his 40s was terminated […]

How Virtual Primary Care is Changing Healthcare

Just about all employers and brokers agree the health plan industry needs an overhaul. That’s one of the clear takeaways from Centivo’s late 2022 Employer & Broker Health Plan Trends Survey. Exactly how to make change happen, however, is where these groups somewhat disconnect: We found that far more employers are open to innovative ideas […]

How to Give Your Finance Recruitment Strategy a Digital Overhaul

If you’ve ever watched a sci-fi TV show or movie, you’ll know that robots and technology are shown as something to fear and run away from. In the business world, this narrative has resonated in some industries more than others. The finance industry, for example, has historically been slow and hesitant to adopt technology into […]