Where Job Descriptions Fail and How to Fix Yours

Even when they are accurate to begin with (not always the case), it’s all too easy for job descriptions to get out of date, and that causes all sorts of problems, practical and legal, for employers. The most typical problems have to do with job specifications that are inaccurate. They either require something that isn’t […]

Asking Older Employees About Retirement Plans—Danger or Diligence?

Yesterday’s Advisor featured Attorney Joan Farrell’s take on some of the subtleties of age discrimination, retirement, and workforce planning. Today, the delicate issue of asking directly about retirement plans, plus an introduction to BLR’s unique 10-minutes-at-a-time supervisors’ training system.   Can You Ask About Retirement Plans? Can you ask older employees about their retirement plans? […]

Age Discrimination: Evidence May Be Subtle But Still Sufficient

Age discrimination in the workplace can be subtle, but subtle doesn’t mean insufficient, says Attorney Joan Farrell, BLR® Senior Legal Editor. And with Boomers nearing retirement, it’s a looming issue. Yes, says Farrell, we’re all aghast when we read about direct evidence of discrimination, like the manager who allegedly said he fired an employee because […]

Danger—Managers’ Myths and Misconceptions About Mental Disabilities

Misguided assumptions about accommodation of mental disabilities—held by your managers and supervisors—create legal landmines in the courtroom, says Attorney Patricia Eyres. In today’s Advisor, she shares the seven worst myths. HR needs to be alert to the attitudes of supervisors and coworkers, says Eyres, who is managing partner of the Eyres Law Group LLP in […]