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What is a Living Wage Ordinance?

Have you heard the term “living wage”? What is it, and how does it differ from similar terms like minimum wage or prevailing wage? Let’s take a look.

A Perspective on Computer Security

Imagine your local library. Does it remind you of a place that makes use of computer security innovations? Now consider that most modern libraries contain computers that are used for any number of things every day by the public. This service comes with some very serious security concerns. Luckily, we had an opportunity to ask […]

Millennial Workforce Is Driving Corporate IT Strategies, Says Randstad Technologies

According to a new study by Randstad Technologies and IDG Research Services, two-thirds of IT leaders say they have or are formulating a plan to address Millennials’ technology needs. IT executives across the country report the surge of Millennials in the workforce is reshaping business environments and driving IT departments to adapt their infrastructures with […]

What Types of Employee Monitoring Does Your Business Conduct?

Does your organization conduct any type of employee monitoring? Most businesses do. After all, security and safety may depend on it. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons employers conduct employee monitoring, and then some of the most common types of employee monitoring conducted by businesses today.

Voluntary Benefits: The High Rewards (and Low Costs!)

Offering voluntary benefits can attract new talent—and also take costs off the shoulders of employers. Benefits expert Steve L. Adams suggests that companies reap the rewards by providing these benefits in a way that resonates with the modern employee.

Can an Employer Ask to See an Employee’s Social Media Account?

Why might an employer want to see an employee’s social media profiles? There are several reasons, but most boil down to a few things: safety, cultural fit, and adherence to workplace rules. Let’s take a look at each of these and how they relate to employee social media accounts.

BYOD and Employee Habits—Employer Concerns

Have you implemented (or are you considering implementing) a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy? This trend just keeps growing. Employers are finding that many employees are more than happy to use their personal phones (and even tablets and computers) for work, since it means workers will be able to have a say in what […]

Does Competition Among Employees Work as a Motivator?

Can competition among employees serve as a motivator of performance? This is quite a conundrum, because there are arguments on both sides of the coin. Perhaps you’ve just read an article saying that competition is a brilliant way to encourage employees to a higher level of performance by stimulating their competitive spirit. That article may […]

Closing the Skills Gap: Should Employers Provide More Training?

In recent years, many employers have found that, regardless of the unemployment rate, they’re not always able to fill vacant positions with qualified candidates. The problem? The applicants don’t always have the skill set the employer is looking for.