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Important Tips for Developing Future Leaders

It’s often easy for companies and their leadership to be so caught up in the day-to-day challenges of running the organization that they overlook long-term planning—and we’re not just talking about annual, 5-year, or even 10-year plans. Even companies that are thinking long term are often thinking long term through the lens of their existing […]


What Leadership Skills are Doctors Lacking?

Some experts argue that physicians are, in the aggregate, sorely lacking in leadership abilities. In a previous post, we reviewed why some experts feel this way, from the perspective of why physicians need to have solid leadership skills in the first place. In this post, we’ll look at what the key skills physicians need to be […]


The Lack of Leadership Training Among Physicians

While some people are often seen as “born leaders,” anyone can benefit from leadership training. Often the born leaders identified by others may be charismatic but may still lack some of the basic leadership traits needed to effectively lead and develop others in complex environments and over the long term. Leadership training is a basic part […]


What’s Causing a Shift in Leadership Training?

Companies rightly spend a lot of time, money, and energy on training and development. But some observers think they are going about it all—or at least mostly—wrong. While that has been the case for some time, recent trends have some suggesting we are entering a new paradigm in which we need to think fundamentally differently […]


How to Prepare Employees for Leadership Roles

How do you help your new managers succeed? The last thing you want is for a new leader to fail and let down other employees. Clearly, that situation is no good for anyone. But not all employees who take on leadership roles are prepared for what that means. Even for people who excelled in their […]

Can You Train Leaders? Or Are They 'Born'?

We often think of leadership as an inherent trait, something you either have or you don’t. The phrase “born leader” comes to mind. At the same time organizations, from businesses to political entities to sports teams, are often lacking in leadership.