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Driving Culture Change with Leadership

In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Lee Ellis explained the benefits of balancing results and relationships in leadership. Today we take a look at a recent study that demonstrates the importance of prioritizing company culture in order to lead effectively.

Balancing Leadership—Results vs. Relationships

By Lee Ellis Being a good leader is a balancing act. In today’s Advisor, Lee Ellis, a seasoned presenter, human performance expert, and author of Leading with Honor®: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton, discusses how leaders can strike a balance while focusing on both results and relationships.

How to Clarify Leadership Potential and Growth through Natural Behavior

By Lee Ellis Carla, a senior Human Resources vice president of a Fortune 200 company, has the challenge of evaluating the natural leadership potential of several team members. She had worked with all of them for some time, but she’s unsure about the best criteria to match the needed skills for the job with the […]

Leadership Lessons from a Former POW: A Q&A with Lee Ellis

Yesterday, we heard from JB Training Solutions president Brad Karsh on how storytelling can boost the effectiveness of training. Today, we present a Q&A with Lee Ellis, whose compelling story as a former prisoner of war (POW) provides the background for his unique insights into leadership development. Ellis, a nationally recognized leadership consultant, award-winning author, […]

Make Your Training More Effective Through Storytelling

People are naturally drawn to a great story. So why not use storytelling to liven up your training, keep your trainees’ attention, and make every session more engaging and effective? “Storytelling is the most effective way to truly engage listeners in any presentation,” says Brad Karsh, president of JB Training Solutions. For example, when Karsh […]

Results or Relationship Minded? How to Balance your Leadership Priorities

By Lee Ellis Abraham Lincoln has been repeatedly voted as our most popular president, probably because he achieved great results in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances. But, how did he do it? When I posed this question to hundreds of corporate managers when facilitating leadership development, overall attributes fell into four areas of leadership […]

Leadership Development: A Q&A with Lee Ellis

Lee Ellis, a nationally recognized leadership consultant, award-winning author, and colonel USAF (retired) is often asked these questions on the topic of leadership development.

8 leadership lessons from a former POW

by Dan Oswald On November 7, 1967, 1st Lieutenant Lee Ellis was shot down over North Vietnam. He would spend the next five-plus years as a POW. Not only did he survive the North Vietnamese prison camps, but he also remained in the military after his release, finally retiring as a colonel. And his combat […]