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Supreme Court Rejects One Vax Mandate, But Employers Urged to Stay Tuned

The U.S. Supreme Court’s rejection of a major part of the Biden administration’s plan to boost the vaccination of workers against COVID-19 means many large employers can stand down on their plans to comply with a rule requiring the shots or testing, but they are free to institute their own mandates as long as such […]


To Wear, or Not to Wear: Managers’ Compliance With Face-Covering Mandates

Most managers are committed to the success of their organizations, employees, customers, and communities. They work hard to provide safe and healthful workplaces. They give their best efforts to manage in good-faith compliance with the myriad of federal, state, and local laws applicable to their organizations. They are generally mission critical to protecting their organizations […]


It’s Time to Consider Adopting No-Vaping Policy at Work

The rising prevalence of vaping presents new challenges for employers. Employees are frequently running outside, taking bathroom breaks, or closing their office doors for at least 10 minutes at a time to vape, greatly affecting productivity. More important, you might be alarmed by the health risks associated with vaping, especially if a catastrophic health episode […]


What Are Commuter Benefits?

Commuter benefits, as the name implies, are benefits offered to employees that have some relation to the costs and hassle of commuting to the workplace.

What you need to know about the continuing trend to regulate employers at the local level

by Marc A. Koonin The increasing regulation of private-sector employers at the city, county, and local regional agency level is a significant continuing trend. Many state and federal employment laws expressly allow or don’t expressly preempt further regulation at the local level. Such regulatory power was mostly dormant for many years because local government agencies […]

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Linking performance problems to age is a dangerous practice

Employers may be experiencing the nagging dread of age discrimination more frequently these days. Simultaneous to the surge of baby boomers reaching retirement age comes the decision by many to delay their exit from the workforce, setting up a perfect legal storm centered on age discrimination. Employees who saw their retirement nest eggs dwindle during […]