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Glamour of Overseas Opportunities Overshadowed by Concerns

Globally mobile individuals are not as enamored of working abroad as recruiters, hiring managers, and other members of the management team may think. Although the upsides of an overseas assignment help balance the downsides, the negatives cause very real concerns.

When It Comes to Volunteerism, the Citi Never Sleeps

An earlier Recruiting Daily Advisor article looked at research that suggests a culture of volunteerism has a positive impact on employee recruitment, engagement, and retention. Volunteerism is also about giving back to the community, as global banking giant Citi well knows. The Advisor provides a look at Citi as a best practice example, and to […]

Global Rewards Best Practices? Don’t Follow Them!

“Best practices” tend to be what the big multi-nationals do, and that’s often not right for your company, says Fisher, principal at Chicago-based consultant Laurus Strategies.  Along with colleague Patrick Gallagher, he offered his tips at SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exhibition, held recently in Atlanta, Georgia. The first step in developing a global rewards strategy, […]

As Servicemembers Return to the Workforce, EEOC Reminds Employers of Accommodation Responsibilities

As large numbers of veterans return from Iraq and Afghanistan, employers must remember that their disability accommodation responsibilities have increased in recent months, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said in releasing new guidance Tuesday. The commission updated its Veterans and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): A Guide for Employers which explains how protections for […]

Employment Law Tip: The Risks of Business Travel Abroad

In light of current events, including the unrest in the Middle East and the recent terrorist plot uncovered in London, it’s wise to take a close look at what you can do to ensure the safe passage of employees who are required to travel abroad as part of their jobs. Here are three tips: Check […]