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5 Laws that Job Descriptions Can Violate

What Laws Are Involved? A number of laws and regulations are involved as you complete your job descriptions and work with them, says Kennedy, including: Fair Labor Standards Act (proper classification as exempt or nonexempt) Equal Pay Act of 1963 (comparing job values, pay values, and gender) Equal Employment Opportunity (comparing pay levels and protected […]

Why Does Sandy Get to …? (Caution: Don’t Answer)

It’s a tough situation when a coworker asks, “Why does Sandy get to do that?” and “that” is an accommodation you’ve made for Sandy’s disability. But you can’t discuss the disability, says Trainor. Trainor, who is senior managing editor at BLR®, was joined in her presentation at the Human Resources Leadership Association in Mystic, Connecticut, […]

The 5 Questions that Identify Essential Functions

In fact, we turned to SmartJobs for the five questions that can help you decide whether a function is an essential function: 1. Does the position exist specifically to perform this function? For example, when a person is hired to proofread legal documents, the ability to proofread is an essential function. Or, for example, a […]

Social Media–Badmouthing, NLRB, Privacy

The eight tentacles come from a recent BLR/HRHero-sponsored webinar featuring Patricia Trainor, JD, and Stephen Bruce, PhD. Attorney Trainor is BLR’s Senior Managing Editor, HR; Bruce is editor of the HR Daily Advisor.  [Go here for tentacles 1 to 4.] Tentacle #5—Inappropriate/ Negative Actions Toward the Employer Release of “trade secrets” and other proprietary data […]

How SPIFs Spawn Whalewatching … and Act Like Drugs

SPIFs are also a little like heroin, Dimisa says: The more you get the more you want, and it’s difficult to kick the habit. It’s hard to take the SPIFFs away. DiMisa is Senior Vice President, Sales Effectiveness Practice Leader for Sibson Consulting, and author of best-selling business book “The Fisherman’s Guide to Selling.” What’s […]

5 Critical Components Every Job Description Must Contain

The California Employment Law Letter (CELL) is written by Mark I. Schickman, and Cathleen S. Yonahara, both attorneys at the law firm of Freeland Cooper & Foreman LLP. In San Francisco. A job description need not account for every task that might ever be done, says the CELL. Here are the most critical components of […]