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Social Media–Badmouthing, NLRB, Privacy

The eight tentacles come from a recent BLR/HRHero-sponsored webinar featuring Patricia Trainor, JD, and Stephen Bruce, PhD.

Attorney Trainor is BLR’s Senior Managing Editor, HR; Bruce is editor of the HR Daily Advisor.

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Tentacle #5—Inappropriate/ Negative Actions Toward the Employer

Release of “trade secrets” and other proprietary data is a major worry for many employers. Remember, you have to treat these data as secret yourself. Some courts have determined that information that is available to the public through Internet searches and other means isn’t protected. 

Also, you may want to revise preemployment agreements regarding trade secrets and proprietary information such as customer lists.
Put in your policy and have employees sign an agreement concerning company equipment, company accounts, and company information.

What about badmouthing the company or the boss? This is a very frustrating situation, because there are two legal issues that employers face when they try to restrict employees who rave and rant online:
First, there are state legal off-duty activity laws. Although these laws were generally passed to protect smokers, many of them are broadly worded and social media activity could be protected.
Along with this come NLRB issues, that is, that many discussions online are protected activity, particularly if they fall under the guise of talking about terms and conditions of employment.

Tentacle #6—NLRB Issues

After lots of guidance, the NLRB issued its first decision on a social media policy and, not surprisingly, found the policy infringed on Section 7 rights.  In the case, the company’s policy prohibited statements on social media that “damage the Company, defame an individual or damage any person’s reputation.” The NLRB found that that interfered with Section 7 rights.  At a minimum, that means your social media policies should state that nothing in the policies is intended to restrict employees’ rights under the NLRA.

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Tentacle #7—Privacy Issues

There is little case law addressing the monitoring by employers of employees’ social networking posts. However, the few cases in this area suggest that courts will be reluctant to uphold an invasion of privacy claim (whether based on the federal Constitution or state common law) when an employee voluntarily posts information on a public site.

Again, there is the issue of off-duty activity laws, and also not requiring passwords and not trying to falsely enter a website.

Tentacle #8—Ownership Issues

Finally, there’s a very interesting issue now around who owns social media data. For example, say an employee has all your customer contacts on his or her LinkedIn page. When the employee leaves your employ, can he or she take that contact information? Can you prevent it?

The social media arena is constantly changing, the law is slow to catch up, and there are many grey areas. Having a policy, signing agreements, and training users will help to minimize your exposure.

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