Tag: Personalized Learning

The Power and Possibilities of Personalized Learning

Educators and other learning and development (L&D) professionals have long known that every individual learns differently. Some learners prefer learning on their own, while others are more suited to a classroom setting. Some are visual learners, while others are auditory learners, and some thrive on group work, while others benefit more from individual study. Given […]


How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Training

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often cited as a source of employment risk by those afraid of losing their jobs to emerging technologies that can render them obsolete. However, some experts suggest that AI can actually have a potential upside for employees.

Employee Education & Personalization Are Keys to Success of your Benefits

A struggle many employers face is deriving the most value from their benefits investments and encouraging employee participation in company health and wellness programs. At a fundamental level, most employers offer similar benefits and, when put side by side, they can often add up to as many as 67 individual services or programs for employees […]

Human Resources: Finishing the Second Half of 2018 on a Strong Note

Yes, 2018 is more than half over. Many changes have already occur ed in the last six months, never mind over the last decade. Quite a few of those changes have influenced the world of HR. Nevertheless, here are some changes you’ll want to stay ahead of as we run out the clock on 2018.