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Emerging Insights on Hybrid Work

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies around the globe to embrace remote work. For most, the results were far better than feared, and the majority of employees tended to prefer the arrangement, as well. Still, now that the impetus for remote work has subsided, there’s little need to maintain the remote work paradigm. Many companies are […]

The Most Important Question That Every HR Team Needs to Ask

When you know who you are, it’s easy to know what to do. A successful HR organization knows who it is. This is different than knowing what it does. **Register for Amy Haworth’s upcoming webinar, Embracing Change: Managing Employee Expectations in the New World of Work, on Aug. 18th. You don’t want to miss this […]

Tips on Attracting Tech Talent During a Skills Shortage

The skills gap has left many companies frantic to find a solution, with 79% actively pursuing solutions to address the problem before it affects their bottom line. This means employers need to be diligent in understanding the desires of candidates if they want to hire and keep them around for the long haul. On the […]

Is the Generational Divide too Wide to Bridge?

“Stop acting like such a Karen.” “Maybe you should work harder, you lazy millennial.” “Okay boomer.” This conversation never happened. It’s a gross simplification of a growing generational divide in this country. It’s been simplified to a near meme status, it’s almost funny. That’s why terms like Karen live on the internet, populating twitter and […]

What to Look For When Hiring Remote Workers

The data is clear: employees want the flexibility to work remote. Whether it’s a desire to miss commute time, an itch to travel the world, or the simple ease of working in their pajamas, more and more employees are requesting to be remote workers. Since the COVID-19 pandemic helped prove that remote work can, in […]

Faces of HR: Paola Martinez Talks Employee Engagement, Her Best Mistake, & More

Meet Paola Martinez, VP of People Operations at Jobsity, which helps companies scale their software development operations by connecting them with the top 3% of nearshore developers. As VP of People Operations, Martinez works to refine and enhance onboarding, employee branding, compensation analysis, talent management and culture. Martinez brings 15 years of HR experience to […]

Frontline Workers Want More Than a Paycheck—3 Tips on How to Make Them Feel Supported and Valued

Over the last 2 years, organizations have reconfigured work to meet the changing needs of desk-based workers. Unfortunately, these organizations haven’t given the same attention to frontline workers, who are now looking for new job opportunities as a result. Frontline employees today want more than just a paycheck; they want a less stressful day-to-day experience, […]

Major Airlines Cutting Routes

Recent staffing shortages and route closures by major airlines are causing concern among travelers and businesses. Toward the end of the most intensive phases of the COVID-19 lockdown, the inconvenience (not to mention illness and death) of the pandemic seemed to be replaced by the inconveniences (not to mention significant business disruptions) caused by labor […]

Faces of HR: Richa Gupta on the Value of Technology + Empathy, People and Purpose

Welcome back to Faces of HR. The subject of our installment today is Richa Gupta, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Globalization Partners, a company that helps organizations build a global team quickly and easily. As CHRO, Richa leads all facets of Globalization Partners’ global workforce, while playing a key strategic role in scaling the […]

Here’s How to Move Your Company from the Great Resignation to the Great Reinvention

As the world dramatically evolved post-pandemic, so did the workforce. In the last year, more than 19 million U.S. workers have quit their jobs, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has recorded the highest number of workers leaving their jobs since it began tracking the data in 2000. The reasons? Well, there are many. […]