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How a Passionate VP of HR Connects in a World of Remote Workers

Meet Sharon Edmondson, VP of HR at IWG, an organization that provides work spaces around the world for flexible remote work. She is responsible for the America’s Division of HR and has 16 direct HR reports across the globe. She leverages her 19 years of HR experience by managing an organization filled with remote workers […]


Report: Remote Work Rampant among Developers

When we discuss things like workplace flexibility, remote workers, work/life balance, and burnout, we are typically talking about the generic employee. Each industry, however, has unique issues and challenges. Today, we are going to look at developers, those hardworking individuals who build and create software and applications. They work in virtually every industry but share […]


Are Remote Workers Costing You Your Business?

As businesses continue to adapt to and change with the times, one working arrangement is standing out among workers and employers: remote work. This popular way to work has many benefits for both parties involved, but it also comes with risks.

Tips and Tools to Manage a Remote Team

Remote work is here to stay, which is good news for everyone. Being able to ditch the traditional brick-and-mortar office to work from home, the beach, or a coffee shop is a dream come true for the modern workforce. And as it turns out, it benefits employers, too, by helping to save costs.


Can Creativity Be Taught?

In an effort to understand the top skills companies are looking for in prospective candidates this year, LinkedIn conducted a massive analysis of hundreds of thousands of job posts. As it turns out, employers are looking far beyond soft and technical skills when searching for new talent.

Q&A: The Workforce of the Future

HR professionals often want to know what the workforce will look like in the future. Some organizations, like Upwork, dedicate  time and effort toward making that forecast. The findings are always interesting. The biggest takeaway was that aside from Gen Zs and Millennials making up the majority of the workforce, 75% of them work remotely […]


The Importance of Training Your Employees How to Work Remotely

Research shows that remote work is becoming more popular on a global scale and that it’s beneficial for both workers and companies. However, there are a few downsides to working remotely, as well. And your organization will need to address them via training and development initiatives if it wants to retain productive and happy remote […]


How to Design More Engaging Learning Spaces

With the growing popularity of e-learning platforms and remote work options, it’s easy to forget that informal and blended learning approaches are still on the rise in the modern-day workplace—but they are. And in 2019, you’ll want to know how to design learning spaces that are more appropriate for the modern-day learner.


How to Keep Gen Z Engaged in the Workplace

There are currently 61 million individuals from Generation Z (those born between the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) inside the United States. And they’re getting ready to enter the workforce in droves in coming years.