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Diverse Product Mix? Flat Growth? Here Are Effective Incentives

Cichelli, senior vice president at the Alexander Group, offered his tips at WorldatWork’s Total Rewards 2013 Conference and Exhibition. Diverse Product Mix Here are the diverse product mix conditions that suggest the approaches below: Many product divisions, one sales force Balanced outcomes required Varying incentive value due to varying volumes Degree of sales difficulty differs […]

Employee Engagement and Retention—32 Things to Do

Most experts believe that engagement is not all about money. There are actions you can take that could be effective at retention of high potential and/or key player employees. For example: Talk to the employees and let them know that you value their services and that you have high hopes for their futures at your […]

5 Real-World Sales Comp Metrics

DiMisa, who is Senior Vice President, Sales Force Effectiveness at Sibson Consulting, is author of best-selling business book, The Fisherman’s Guide to Selling. He offered his tips during a recent webinar sponsored by BLR and HR Hero. DiMisa suggests compensation pros look at the following metrics: PAR Analysis: Analysis of churn, penetration and acquisition Pay […]

Making time for what matters

The other night, I got a thoughtful, heartfelt message from a colleague reminding me and others to take time to tell our loved ones exactly how we feel about them. You see, days earlier, his mother had suffered a stroke, and he had spent the time since at her bedside. His message was that we […]

What NOT to wear to an interview

Litigation value: $0.00, but only because Pete has a conscience and Daryl is a cinephile. In last week’s season premier, new guy Pete was compared to Jim, while other new guy Clark was compared to Dwight. I’m all good with the former comparison, but the latter is waaaay off. Dwight beds his women using blunt […]

The Four Signs of Bad Turnover

Four signs of bad turnover are: Your turnover rate is high compared to industry norms Your turnover rate is high compared those with whom you compete for employees A significant number of employees leave to work for competing employers You are losing many of your top performing employees. In these cases, begin to seek out […]

Compensating Tech Workers—Best Practices for Retention

It’s challenging to reward tech workers, says consultant David Wudyka, but you have to find a way to do it or you’ll lose them. Wudyka is the founder and managing principal of Westminster Associates, a Massachusetts-based human resource and compensation firm that specializes in pay, performance, and productivity issues. His tips came during a recent […]

No Nonsense Retention: 80% Open Door Policy

6. Keep Your Door Open 80% of the Time [Go here for retention tips 1-5.] Let your people know you are accessible to them, says Cortes, author of the book, No Nonsense Retention. Avoid telling people to make an appointment or come back later. Make sure the time you do spend with your people is […]

‘Fire the Slugs’—That’s the Best Turnover

“There’s good and bad turnover,” says Cortes, author of the book, No Nonsense Retention, which he characterizes as a collection of no-nonsense ways to retain your best people. Firing a non-performer—a slug— is good turnover. But when a top performer leaves to go elsewhere and your organization is left with a huge void, that’s bad […]

Metrics: 2 Common Errors That Make Them Worthless

Metrics guru Dr. John Sullivan says that human resources managers make two key mistakes when using metrics. Sullivan is a metrics consultant and professor of management at San Francisco State University. Mistake #1: Metrics in a Vacuum The first mistake, says Sullivan, blogging on www.ere.net, is that comp/HR managers tend to develop and implement metrics […]