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Train Your Employees to Write Right

Some of your employees may already know how to write well. Others may need more practice. Regardless of skill level, all employees can benefit from this training session. Business Writing Skills Quiz Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz: Good business writing should be clear, concise, correct, complete, and coherent. False. Passive voice makes sentences […]

Social Media–Badmouthing, NLRB, Privacy

The eight tentacles come from a recent BLR/HRHero-sponsored webinar featuring Patricia Trainor, JD, and Stephen Bruce, PhD. Attorney Trainor is BLR’s Senior Managing Editor, HR; Bruce is editor of the HR Daily Advisor.  [Go here for tentacles 1 to 4.] Tentacle #5—Inappropriate/ Negative Actions Toward the Employer Release of “trade secrets” and other proprietary data […]

Social Media Octopus—The 8 Tentacles That Can Grab You Unawares

Attorney Trainor is BLR’s Senior Managing Editor, HR; Bruce is editor of the HR Daily Advisor. Tentacle #1—Sourcing and Recruiting with Social Media It’s clear that social media is rising as a method of recruiting, and some employers are enjoying great success. However, when you use only one source for finding candidates, there’s always the […]

Train Employees to be Leaders—on the Job and in the Community

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (www.allianzlife.com) has received recognition both for its strong commitment to employee development and to the financial literacy of youths in the Minneapolis area. In addition to providing training and development opportunities for its employees, Allianz Life offers college scholarships for local students and supports financial literacy programs in […]

Risks of Noncompliance with Employment Law Increase Say BLR Editors

For 2013,  it’s likely that the risks of noncompliance with employment-related laws are just going to get higher, BLR editors agreed. First of all, DOL and other agencies are focusing on enforcement. They have more attorneys; they have additional statisticians, inspectors, and investigators; and they have the budget for more staffing. Although the number of […]

Super Safety Training Sessions Part 2: Techniques

To liven up that safety meeting, remember this refrain: Personalize, relate, repeat, rephrase, and for goodness sakes, be enthusiastic! “How do I make my safety training meetings more effective and memorable?” That’s the question our training experts get repeatedly. Yesterday, we began to answer it, using guidance provided in the BLR® program, Safety Meeting Repros, […]

The 4 Approaches to Pay Structure

For companies that have cut back on pay for a few years (who hasn’t?), it’s time to take a look at your status, says Daniels, who is senior consultant at Keating Advisors, LLC. You may well have fallen behind or your structure may no longer align with your strategies. Review Your Current Base Pay Structure […]

Customer Service Training Begins with Hiring the Right People

As we learned yesterday, the ultimate success of any business derives from the attitude of its employees. Good-natured employees not only diligently carry out their assigned tasks, but do so positively and creatively. They project good feelings and may find solutions to customer problems even where solutions don’t currently exist. That’s something even the best […]

Can You Transfer Employees on FMLA? Yes … Sometimes

Alexis, Of Counsel at the Kinaga Law Firm in Los Angeles, offered his FMLA tips at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium held recently in Las Vegas. Transferring Employees on Intermittent Leave or Reduced-Schedule Leave There are only two situations in which employers may transfer employees to another job that better accommodates their new intermittent schedule, […]

Is Sloth the Worst Compensation Sin?

[Go here for sins 1 to 4 and a bonus sin] Sin 5. Envy Envy makes managers do things that aren’t appropriate for the company. For example: Empire building. Trying to add more positions that aren’t important for the company to achieve its goals. Copycatting. The other department head has a French-speaking assistant; I want […]