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Universal Health Care: Will Ballot Measure Pass?

One of the more controversial laws enacted in California last year was S.B. 2, the Health Insurance Act of 2003. The law requires many California businesses to either provide health coverage to part- and full-time employees or pay a fee into a state health coverage fund. The law is scheduled to be phased in beginning […]

Employee Internet Use: How You Can Guard Against Online Risks—A 7-Point Internet Policy Checklist

One of your employees has been copying pornographic images off the Internet and showing them to coworkers. Another has been distributing racist jokes through company e-mail. And others have downloaded some hot new software onto their office PCs, violating federal copyright laws. It’s bad enough these employees are surfing the Net instead of working. But […]

Affirmative Action: OFCCP Sends Out Wave of EO Surveys

In connection with affirmative action regulations that were revised in 2000, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs annually sends out what’s known as an EO survey to randomly selected federal contractors. The mandatory survey—which has stirred much controversy among federal contractors who claim that it’s burdensome—asks contractors to submit a […]

Emergency Procedures: EEOC Issues Guidelines On Requesting Medical Information For Use In Planning Evacuations

Because of recent national events, many employers have been developing or revising their emergency procedures to help ensure that employees can be evacuated safely. One issue that arises is that some employees with medical conditions may need special assistance in an emergency. To help you plan more effectively to help these workers, the federal Equal […]

News Notes: Employers’ Snooping Impacts Internet Privacy

A recent survey by the American Management Association shows that employers are stepping up their monitoring of employees’ Internet use, with 61% of employers reporting that they monitor Web surfing and 46% stating they keep tabs on e-mail. And some employers are going even further when it comes to trying to track down the identity […]

News Flash: Workplace Drug Use Drops Dramatically, But Cheating On Drug Tests Increases

According to a new survey by Quest Diagnostics Inc., the country’s largest drug-test processor, drug use in the workplace has significantly declined. In 1988, 13.6% of employment-related drug tests were positive. By last year, however, just 4.6% of the approximately 6 million tests conducted by the company turned up positive. The study also reveals that […]