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Faces of HR: Sharell Thomas-Hodge on the Value of Intentional Relationship Building & Buy-in

Sharell Thomas-Hodge is an accomplished HR leader with more than 20 years of experience. She got her start in retail, serving as a HR manager for Target. At the time, she was responsible for the management of all HR functions at her location and, according to Thomas-Hodge, was “instrumental in the successful opening of a […]

Transparent, Ongoing Communication Key to Total Rewards Strategy

If you are planning to develop or make changes to your current total rewards program, you will likely seek input from several external sources, including benchmarking data. But you will also need to gather substantial internal input, such as leadership’s philosophy towards total rewards, and, perhaps most importantly, get input from your internal customers.

Rewards and Recognition Infographic: It’s Not All About the Money

When it comes to furthering career advancement and driving employee engagement, it’s no secret that recognition and appreciation play a major role. But just how much of a role, in what forms, and what frequency? The infographic below from BambooHR, based on their survey of more than 1,000 U.S.-based employees, provides more insight into these […]

For Compensation Plan Communication, Try Video

John Hyttinen, Senior Director of Total Rewards at payroll and business services giant ADP, needed to explain a bonus program to all employees. Before he could execute on it, he needed to identify his tactics. He started by determining guiding principles for the communication. While his own ideas would play a role, he really wanted […]

Your EVP—Defining Total Rewards

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the total rewards value an employee or applicant derives from the everyday employee experience, says consultant Stephanie Tarant, PhD. Including compensation and benefits and more, it is the foundation of an organization’s reputation as a place to work.

How Attractive Are You to Potential Employees?

For instance, while you may be the greatest employer, if you do not have a company website, chances are that you will appear “antiquated” and some candidates may not consider you as their top choice.  Therefore, the following are areas that you may want to explore in preparation for recruiting candidates.

Matching Your Total Rewards to Your Talent

Start by taking a talent inventory, says Barton, who is chief operating officer of Willis North America Human Capital Practice. She made her suggestions at the recent SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition in Orlando. You might start by populating a chart such as this, she says: Then think about what you can offer to each […]

Is Your Total Rewards Package Making a Difference?

Barton, chief operating officer, Willis North America Human Capital Practice, made her suggestions at the recent SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition in Orlando. She offers the following chart to help you classify your various reward elements. Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Current Total Rewards Strategy Barton offers a 13-part review for your total rewards strategy. […]