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#Metoo Comes to the Playing Field

The National Football League (NFL) recently levied a $10 million fine against the Washington Football Team (WFT) for fostering a workplace culture loaded with sexual harassment, bullying, and intimidation. The fine, imposed at the end of a months-long investigation, is one of the harshest penalties the league has ever assessed. The money will be used […]

The Culture of Overwork

Colloquialisms about “sweatshops” and being “worked to the bone” by an employer are, of course, hyperbolic if taken anywhere near literally, at least in the United States, which has a robust set of laws and regulations aimed at preventing the exploitation of workers. Nevertheless, it is certainly true that the cultures of many companies tacitly […]


Toxic Workplaces in the Remote Office

For many, one of the bright spots of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ability to work from home for the last year. In addition to the greater flexibility and shorter commute, many employees hoped for some relief from toxic workplaces. Workplace Toxicity Follows Employees Home Unfortunately, and surprisingly, many victims of a toxic workplace […]

Toxic Workplace Communication Largely Directed at People of Color

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for an otherwise decent workplace to turn toxic. Employees who toxify a workplace often do so through workplace communications. A recent survey examined trends among such communication and found something disturbing: People of color bear the brunt of toxic workplace communications.

Ignore Them and They’ll Go Away: Dealing With Toxic Employees

“Ignore them and they will go away” was advice that I heard about bullies when I was a kid (and about teeth by one snarky dentist). Whether that approach works or not, that certainly seems to be what fellow employees do most often to their toxic co-workers. Recent research shows that 44% of respondents say […]


Should You Train and Develop Your Employees to Be More Competitive?

According to some experts, competition can be a positive thing inside the workplace, encouraging employees to problem solve and be more innovative and creative. Yet others claim that unmonitored competition can lead to a toxic workplace where workers are constantly stressed, fatigued, backstabbing one another, and so on.


3 Ways Senior Leaders Can Inadvertently Create Toxic Workplaces

It’s undeniable that business leaders—whether the CEO, leaders of business units, or department heads—have a large influence on the environment of the workplace they run. The leader sets the expectations, sets the tone, and sets an example for how employees throughout the organization or department should behave and what qualities the company looks for in […]

Toxic Impact of Rude Bosses Part I: Negative Impact

Most of us have had to deal with rude, toxic, or just unpleasant employees or coworkers at some point in our careers. But what happens when unpleasant employees aren’t just our coworkers—they’re our bosses? This is, unfortunately, not an uncommon situation for many workers.

The Modern Workplace Is Killing Us—Here’s What You Need to Know (Part 2)

Yesterday’s post covered Jeffrey Pfeffer’s take on the modern workplace and how it’s killing us. Pfeffer, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business, has just released a book called Dying for a Paycheck. And while the evidence about how toxic the modern workplace has become is shocking and appalling, there are some […]

The Modern Workplace Is Killing Us—Here’s What You Need to Know (Part 1)

A just-released book called Dying for a Paycheck is getting a lot of attention in the business realm. In the book, Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business, unpacks how the modern workplace is causing leading chronic illnesses and stress and how it’s bad for economies and societies and the […]