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A Matter of Trust

The other day, I was faced with a situation where things were not progressing as I had hoped. My frustration led me to have a conversation with a colleague. I shared my dilemma with him and asked what he thought the key was to resuming progress. His response was, “You need to build trust. Obviously […]

Honest, Open, Two-Way Communication

I’ve been thinking a lot about employee communication lately. I’ve been thinking about what makes for good, effective communication and how it can be a powerful force within any organization. I’ve decided that good communication must be H.O.T. H.O.T. stands for honest, open, and two-way. Honest. To me, honesty in communication is the bedrock. If […]

Tiger Doesn’t Need to Apologize to Me

When I heard that Tiger Woods was holding a press conference to apologize for his infidelity, I couldn’t imagine what he’d have to say to me. Let’s face it, Tiger never made any promises to me about how he would conduct himself either personally or professionally. So I was curious as to what he might […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

What people do matters a whole lot more than what they say they’ll do. This statement should not surprise anyone. Actions speak louder than words. Then why is it that “smooth talkers” and “big talkers” often bluff and bluster their way though life despite their actions being very different than their rhetoric? People get caught […]

What Does It Take To Be A Leader?

A lot is written about leaders. Go to your nearest bookstore and you will find shelves full of books written by politicians, businesspeople, and athletes on how to be a leader. Is there a secret recipe that if you follow every step will make you a leader? I don’t think so. But there are some […]

In Future, Hispanics Will Be Key to Older Workforce

According to the Urban Institute report “50+ Hispanic Workers: A Growing Segment of the U.S. Workforce,” Hispanics make up one of the fastest growing segments of the country’s older population, making them an important demographic for employers. In the report, Richard W. Johnson and Maurcio Soto examined the contributions these workers make to employers and […]