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Texas TV Station Gets Cloudy Reception from Court on ADA Claim

As a child, you probably played a game in which one child whispers a “secret” into the ear of another child. The second child then whispers the secret into the ear of a third child and on and on until the last child in the circle whispers the secret into the ear of the first […]

Create a Culture of Respect through Training

Would you say that there is a culture of respect at your company? In today’s Advisor, we’re providing 10 easy steps that can build such a culture in your workplace. These steps can be used in a brief, no-nonsense training session.


What are the Top Jobs for Younger Workers?

What do I want to do with my life? It is one of the most pressing and often overwhelming questions for America’s youth —and CareerBuilder is working to help them find the answer. Recently, CareerBuilder launched Find Your Calling Month, a nationwide initiative taking place throughout March that encourages students to discover possible career and […]

Do Your Employees Live for the Weekday?

Employee engagement is a hot topic, and disengagement costs a company more than just money. Despite all of the discussion and strategy surrounding the topic, engagement continues to be difficult to achieve. Clint Swindall, president and CEO of Verbalocity, Inc., has some tips for helping you inspire your employees to live for the weekday.

Did California Employer Dish Out Defamation?

by Michael Futterman and Jaime Touchstone When an employee is accused of theft while working in a customer’s home, it can become a sticky situation for the employer—especially if the theft cannot be conclusively proven. As one satellite TV provider learned, proper processes can help deflect claims of defamation from a terminated employee.

Choose Your Words Carefully Regarding Mental Health

With or without sensitivity training, most people try to be considerate when speaking with someone with a physical disability or a health condition, and they choose their words carefully so as not to offend the individual. However, these same considerate people often forget that things can be said—or not said—which can hurt the feelings of […]

On Demand: Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV and Employees?

Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TV. Everything is on demand today—including employees, says attorney Deanna Brinkerhoff. Deanna Brinkerhoff, an associate in the Las Vegas office of law firm Holland & Hart LLP, offered her tips at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium held recently in Las Vegas. Why Recruiters Are Looking for More On-Demand Talent Brinkerhoff notes […]

Age, sex, and sports media

Sports reporter Colleen Dominguez is 54 years old and has enjoyed a successful career in sports journalism including a lengthy stint at ESPN. Dominguez recently jumped to Fox Sports 1 and believes her age and gender are the only plausible reasons that FS1 has cut her broadcasting assignments and diminished her career. These are her allegations in […]

Man Assaults Unusual Store Clerk for Having ‘Bad Attitude’

A man who had a few drinks didn’t like the attitude of a clerk at the cell phone store—so he kicked another clerk in response, causing injuries. But this is not your usual story from the local TV news. In a “man bites dog” scenario, the injured “clerk” was actually a robot!