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The 5 Things Bosses Want to Hear from Employees

Yesterday’s Advisor featured four characteristics of great onboarding programs. Today we shift to leadership and take a look at a new study highlighting boss/employee relations—including five things that bosses wish their employees would tell them. Managers and leaders make contributions every day to ensure their employees’ success. Building a strong relationship with your supervisor is […]

Are Your Workers Trained on this By-the-Numbers Approach to Excavation Safety?

It’s mid-June and construction season is well underway across the USA. That means this is a necessary time for training on excavation and trenching safety. In today’s Advisor, we get valuable training information from BLR® Legal Editor Ana Ellington. All excavations are hazardous because they are inherently unstable. If they are restricted spaces, they present […]

Leadership Lessons from the Great Communicator

If you are like me and are interested in politics, you know Ronald Reagan was considered the “Great Communicator.” His effectiveness as a communicator was often credited to his career in radio, television, and movies. His detractors often said of his oratory skills, “He’s just up there acting.” But to me, Reagan’s effectiveness as a […]

Consider Training on Cyberbullying

Left unaddressed, cyberbullying can become a liability issue for employers, says Rob Wilson, president of Employco USA (www.employco.com), who recommends that employers educate employees on the topic. Many employers do not offer this type of training. “It’s not very broadly done,” says Wilson. However, he says it is important for employers to proactively address cyberbullying. […]

Can You Terminate Those with the Highest Salaries?

While salary level may be a legitimate factor in determining which employees to lay off, it cannot be the determining factor if it adversely affects older workers, says Tinnin, who is a partner with Tinnin Law Firm in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and editor of New Mexico Employment Law Letter. In 2005, he adds, the U.S. […]

Train Supervisors on 5 Keys for Preventing Conflict

“The key to managing conflict isn’t just about pushing them to resolution, but also to learn how to have nicer conflicts,” said Tim Scudder, CEO of Personal Strengths USA and coauthor of Have a Nice Conflict: A Story of Finding Success and Satisfaction in the Most Unlikely Places (www.haveaniceconflict.com). “As one set of conflicts is […]

How One Company Promotes Continuous Learning

“We feel that a well-trained workforce plays a significant role in enabling our business,” said Chuck Schneider, president and CEO of U.S. Security Associates (www.ussecurityassociates.com). “From protecting the people, property, and assets of our customers to management and leadership development, learning is an integral part of our company culture.” “We are very proud of all […]

Youth Mentoring Trains Tomorrow's Work Force Today

Dr. Susan G. Weinberger, affectionately known as Dr. Mentor, is the President of the Mentor Consulting Group in Norwalk, CT USA, and an international expert on internal and external business mentoring and coaching programs. In this article she continues to describe youth mentoring programs. Kinds of Company-sponsored Youth Mentoring Programs Regardless of location of the […]

Has Your Company Considered Youth Mentoring?

Many companies across America and internationally have embraced the concept of engaging in youth mentoring programs. Larger companies include Eli Lilly, Allstate Insurance Company with its extensive Helping Hands project, and General Electric Corporation. Much smaller companies such as Webster Bank with branches in CT, RI and MA are involved in releasing employees to serve […]