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The Coaching Conversation and the Story

The human brain is an amazing organ. It comprises the same biological matter as the rest of the body, but remarkably, it somehow gives rise to consciousness and self-awareness. Despite years of research, scientists are still mystified by how it actually does this. Nobody really understands how living cells, sorted and connected in just the […]


Leadership Coaching … Touching Hearts?

Our final coaching conversation over coffee quickly turned uncomfortable, at least for me. “I was touched,” said my client. “I was touched in a very special way.” With a quick “thank you” in return, I tried to quickly change the topic to something not so emotionally charged. (My mind raced.… Is he a soccer fan? […]


The High Cost of Low Employee Engagement

The impact of unengaged employees in your organization can be costly. According to Gallup’s most recent study of the American workplace, 52% of United States workers are unengaged and 18% are actively disengaged. What is the cost of a 70% unengaged workforce?


Tips for Training Delivery, Program Piloting, and Measuring Success

In part one of this article, we discussed the importance of conducting a training needs analysis as well as identifying the organization’s capabilities.  Here, we’ll identify what effective training looks like and explore best practices in delivering and measuring a successful training program.


Getting the Most Out of Leadership Coaching

While coaching is a highly effective way of accelerating your development as a leader, it also represents a significant investment of time and money. Here are 14 ways to get the most out of your leadership coaching experience.


Creating a Learning Strategy Is Critical to Company Success

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that most leaders in mid- to large-size organizations include learning and talent development initiatives in their overall business strategy. Additionally, they found that training and development ranks among the five most important benefits that employees consider when seeking employment opportunities. Add Learning and Development (L&D) to your organization’s […]


Imagine … Leadership!

The vast majority of articles on leadership are directed at leaders themselves. But what does good leadership look like through the eyes of those being led? For a moment, put yourself in their place.


A New Training Paradigm: LaaP in Practice

It is one thing to hypothesize about learning as a platform (LaaP), but it’s entirely another to put it into practice. Nonetheless, progressive organizations are demonstrating that it can be done, and perhaps there are none more progressive than ATB Financial.


A New Training Paradigm: Learning in the Flow

Redefining corporate learning and embedding it into the DNA of the organization entails shifting one’s mind-set to think of training and development not as something “to be done” (i.e., an event that delivers knowledge), but as something “that is” (i.e., a platform for powering continuous growth). This platform ultimately enables individuals and the organization “to […]