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Top 10 Must Reads from Compensation Daily Advisor

Flex—’Nice-to-Have’ or Business Imperative?
“Flexibility is a business imperative,” says consultant Diane Burrus. It’s not “Nice-to-have,” it’s a results-based business strategy. Her practical tips in today’s Advisor.

Catch Me If You Can Compensation? DOL Says ‘I Caught You’
Employers can say “Catch me if you can,” but they had better be ready to explain their decisions when the DOL says ‘I caught you,” says consultant Jonna Contacos-Saywer.

Make Smart Post-Recession, Performance–Based, Pay Decisions
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The Top 5 Compensation Habits to Kick
Most comp managers have a few bad habits, but they’re hard to break, say experts Stacey Carroll and Al Lee. In today’s Advisor, their “Top 5” bad habits of compensation managers.

9 Ways to Maximize Comp in Tough Times
It’s a tricky time for compensation specialists, says consultant David Wudyka, but it’s also a time of opportunity. Wudyka offers 9 tips for taking care of comp for the rest of 2011.

You Found Compensation ‘Disparities,’ Now What?
In yesterday’s Advisor, we looked at the DOL‘s increasing focus on compensation issues and defending your system against attack. Today, more on defense, plus an introduction to an instant download of federal and state laws on child labor.

Daniel Pink: Money’s Not the Motivator We Think It Is
Special from World at Work total Rewards Conference
Author Dan Pink stunned some comp pros in the audience at World at Work’s annual convention in San Diego when he questioned effectiveness of money as a motivator.

Daniel Pink: Is Management an Anachronism?
Special from World at Work total Rewards Conference
In yesterday’s Advisor, author Dan Pink showed how money often isn’t the best motivator. Today, Pink on autonomy and an introduction to the popular Job Description Encyclopedia.

The 5 Key Comp Trends for 2011
In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured consultant David Wudyka‘s statistics on pay changes in the works for this year. Today, his trend predictions plus an introduction to the all-in-one compensation website,

The 4 ‘Sticky Wickets’ of Sales Comp—Quotas, Cycles, Orders, Push
“I get lots of questions on sales compensation,” says consultant David Cichelli, “but the number one sticky wicket is always quotas, closely followed by long sales cycles, and mega orders.”