HR Strange But True

Which Professionals Tip the Scales?

More than half (55 percent) of workers consider themselves to be overweight, and 41 percent have gained weight at their present jobs, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Of those who say they’ve gained weight, 59 percent gained over 10 pounds, and 30 percent gained over 20 pounds.

Workers in the following five professions were most likely to report packing on a few pounds:

  • Administrative assistant (69 percent)
  • Engineer (56 percent)
  • Teacher/Instructor K–12 (51 percent)
  • Nurse practitioner or Physician’s assistant (51 percent)
  • Information technology (IT) manager/Network administrator (51 percent)

Not surprisingly, having a sedentary job was cited as the top reason for weight gain (56 percent). Eating because of stress (35 percent) and eating out regularly (26 percent) were also top causes for gaining weight.