Do Your Employees Know the Skills They Need for Professional Advancement?

Do your supervisors know the skills their employees need for professional advancement? Do they know how to delegate work and teach those skills to employees looking to advance in the organization? Here is some important information to convey to your supervisors.

Skills needed for personal and organizational growth change constantly. That means offering appropriate training opportunities is a key professional development tool:

  • Group training can not only provide employees with the essential skills they need to perform well in their current jobs but also to prepare them for promotion.
  • One-on-one training can narrow the focus to include specific skills an employee needs to advance along his or her particular career path. You can provide the training yourself when you have time or delegate this task to experienced employees. This can also be accomplished by sending the employee off-site to a seminar or a conference workshop.

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  • Coaching is another excellent way to develop employees on a one-to-one basis. This informal, often spontaneous, daily contact with employees offers many opportunities to focus on professional development. It lets you guide and direct a worker’s progress. It gives you an on-the-spot opportunity to recognize accomplishments and build on them. And it provides a chance to motivate and support employees in their self-development efforts.
  • Cross-training is another productive way to build new skills and provide new work experiences. Cross-training also broadens an employee’s perspective, allowing the worker to see how what others do fits in with what he or she does. An understanding of the bigger picture is essential as employees rise to higher levels in the organization.

The information in today’s Advisor comes from BLR’s presentation “Enhancing Professional Development of Employees.”

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In tomorrow’s Advisor, we’ll explain how learning to delegate is a necessary skill to prepare employees for leadership, and we present an interactive, online resource that helps you train employees in key leadership topics.