Hireright Infographic: Meet the Robots Reading Your Résumé

This infographic from Hireright breaks down how applicant tracking systems (ATSs) weed through hundreds, if not thousands, of résumés to find the right candidate for a position.

Some candidates and recruiters argue that an ATS can overlook qualified applicants simply due to oversights in résumé form and structure. This is true. However, knowing how an ATS works, and know which résumés—rules to follow can help candidates and employers connect in more powerful, easier ways.

Meet the Robots Reading Your Resume - An infographic by HireRight

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2 thoughts on “Hireright Infographic: Meet the Robots Reading Your Résumé”

  1. But many candidates, especially for the types of jobs where mounds of applications are submitted, may not know how to appeal to ATS and can indeed end up overlooked, to the detriment of them and the employer.

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