Is Winning at All Costs the Right Strategy?

By Catherine Moreton Gray, JD

A few weeks ago, I was having my morning coffee and watching the news. A story came on about a New York Mets baseball player who had broken his leg in a game the night before. As I watched the video of the play in question, Los Angeles Dodgers player Chase Utley was heading for second base. He decided to slide, but he didn’t appear to be sliding for the base. Instead, his slide seemed calculated to take out the Mets’ defender. He accomplished this goal and sent the opposing player to the hospital.

Some would say this is the way the game is played. After all, the goal is to win at any cost. Others would say this was dirty baseball by a team that couldn’t win the game without playing dirty.

Ethical behavior must be central to how we conduct business. Not only is it the right thing, it is also good for the bottom line. Creating a culture that values and encourages ethical behavior starts with senior management.

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