3 of the Best in Internet Recruiting

Yesterday’s Advisor explored what Kelly Dingee, a digital recruitment expert, had to say when it comes to recruiting online. Today Dingee will talk about three companies that do online recruiting very well.

Dingee, director of strategic recruiting at retained search firm Staffing Advisors, offered her advice at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, held recently in Las Vegas. Dingee also writes for the blog Fistful of Talent.

Building your brand means telling your story, says Dingee. She offers three examples of companies that are good examples of how to do it right.

Oracle—‘You want to change the world, don’t you?’

Check out the Oracle careers website:

Then, perform Google searches on the following terms, says Dingee, to see what one company has done.

  • jobs@oracle
  • #oracletalent
  • #lifeatoracle

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Amtrak—‘The future rides with us.’

Another organization that does a good job with its employment brand is Amtrak, says Dingee.

Conduct a search on careers@Amtrak to find a site that makes great use of employees. For example, go here and click on the video:

Marriott—‘Where I belong’

Try a search on careers@marriott. Again, you’ll find an attractive careers website.

And, check out this page:

This Instagram page vividly features the global reach of Marriott. (“4,200 properties, 80 countries, & 19 brands—the opportunities are endless! Meet the world through a career with Marriott.”)

How Do You Get Started?

Make an appointment with yourself, Dingee says, so you will be sure to do your work every day. Other ways to get started are:

  • Find someone to manage your online activities who is passionate about your company and contemporary branding, says Dingee. If the person in charge views recruiting and branding as a chore, your effort will fail.
  • Choose your platforms. Where are you going to tell your story?
  • Build your profiles. What’s the story going to be?
  • Get your team on board.
  • Engage! Post! Share! Champion!

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