‘Employment Branding is the Career of 2016’

Yesterday’s Advisor featured social recruiting expert Kelly Dingee’s tips for recruiting with LinkedIn. Today, we present the rest of her tips.

(Recruiting Daily Advisor Editor Steve Bruce recently interviewed Dingee for an episode of his HRWorks podcast. Dingee is a director of strategic recruiting with staffing advisors and an expert on digital sourcing.)

HRWorks: So, what’s the importance of building the employment brand and how might listeners go about doing it?

KD: Employment branding is the career of 2016. One simple thing you can do is to try to capture your alumnae, for example, with a Facebook group. Who knows, they may bounce back to your company.

Also think about establishing an employment website where you can join into a twitter feed or a group. Let people connect to company and to other candidates.

These are low cost options that reach a group of people.

HRWorks: Speaking particularly about LinkedIn® and similar sites, what is the role of connections, and how does that help with recruiting?

KD: I’m frequently asked to refer people and make introductions because of my wide network. You have to use connections appropriately. If you have no familiarity, how much can you ask? You should build a relationship before you expect connections to do something for you.

HRWorks: I know you’ve mentioned some other helpful programs, like Connectifier, vibeapp, prophet, Bullhorn reach, crystal knows; could you mention a few that you find helpful?

KD: Connectifier was just acquired by LinkedIn, so it may be out the door. Most recently I’m using Email Hunter and prophet, which are Google Chrome tool extensions that help you find e-mail addresses of candidates.

There is also scraper software that’s helpful for pulling down information and lists.

HRWorks: If someone is a neophyte at online recruiting, what first steps do you recommend?

KD: First thing, get the book Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy by Andy Headworth. It has good material on Boolean structure, and, although things change fast, this textbook is pretty current. (Full disclosure: I did contribute to the book.)

Second, do an online search for instructional blogs and YouTube videos.

Third, read industry blogs to stay ahead of the game.

HRWorks: Kelly, any final tips?

KD: I’m always learning. Each week, I allocate 1 hour to testing new products. I recommend you do the same to figure out which ones work for you.

HRWorks: Do you want to share contact information?

Sure. I am easy to find. Look me up on LinkedIn and Google, or write

HRWorks: Kelly, thanks so much for all this great guidance.

KD: Delighted!

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