Survey Finds 1 in 3 Workers Will Change Jobs in Next 6 Months: What Employers Can Do

A survey conducted among 2,000 employees and HR leaders from the United States and the United Kingdom has found that one-third of the workforce in each country is likely to leave their current employers within 6 months.

The Employee Development Survey, by Saba Software and WorkplaceTrends.com, also found that 49% of HR leaders named retention and leadership development programs as the top priority among talent management goals. However, there is a significant disconnect between the 60% of HR leaders who believe that their companies provide employees with a clear career path and the 36% of employees who share this same belief.

“When we asked HR folks what data they would most like to have on their employees, the No. 1 cited answer was ‘what motivates them’,” explains Adrienne Whitten, Vice President of Product Marketing at Saba, a global leader in cloud-based intelligent talent management solutions. “This shows that employers are still struggling with the employee engagement challenge – or how do I create some kind of loyalty to the company when companies can no longer offer the promise of stability and lifetime employment?

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