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How HR Can Avoid Bad Bosses and Train Better Leaders

At some point in their career, everybody’s had—or currently has—a bad boss. Businesses, direct reports, and even bosses themselves, deserve better. Becoming a good boss and a respected leader begins with identifying the dysfunctional ones: who they are, the traits they embody, and the interpersonal tics they demonstrate that make you feel like you’re being slapped in the face with wet bologna.

Recently, Second City Works—a provider of improve-based learning, digital content, and entertainment— released a survey that highlights specific “Bad Boss” archetypes that contribute to premature hair loss and drinking before bed.

The study, Bad Freakin’ Bosses, was conducted throughout September 2015. Second City Works surveyed more than 2,000 North American full-time employees, honing in on the more than 300 who have a “Bad Boss” right now.

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