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Attributes Gap: Are You Delivering What Jobseekers Are Looking for?

Are U.S. employers delivering on what potential employees want most? Results from a recent survey by Randstad US, a staffing and HR services company in the United States, indicates that in many cases they do not, and an “attributes gap” exists.

The top three employer attributes that jobseekers value most—salary and employee benefits (#1); long-term job security (#2); and pleasant working atmosphere (#3)—score fifth, sixth, and eighth, respectively, among the ranking of attributes on which they feel employers best deliver.

Conversely, the attributes that job seekers feel U.S. employers score highest on—financial health #1); strong management (#2); and good training (#3)—score just fifth, ninth, and seventh, respectively, among jobseekers’ list of most-desired employer attributes.

“These findings reveal an ‘attributes gap’ between what U.S. jobseekers want and what they perceive potential employers to be best at providing,” said Jim Link, chief human resource officer, Randstad North America. “What this should signify to employers is a growing disconnect that can be detrimental from an employee engagement, retention and, ultimately, cost perspective. While organizations may not be able to influence every workplace desire, managing workers’ wants and needs should not only be done from a macro-level by the organization, but also much more frequently from a micro-level by managers to ensure alignment.”

Ranstad also shared 4 tips to bridge the attributes gap.