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Learning Management Systems Survey Results

By Jim Davis, Production Editor, BLR

Old Saybrook, CT. The HR Daily Advisor research team today announced the results of our most recent survey: Learning Management Systems (LMSs): Best Practices in Establishing ROI and Impact Measurement. The survey was sponsored by Halogen Software.

The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the Learning Management Systems Survey in May 2016. The survey sought to answer a few basic questions: What has the LMS user experience been? How does an organization measure its effectiveness and return on investment? Finally, for those who do not use an LMS, what would be the driving factors toward purchasing one?

Highlights of the Learning Management Systems Survey:

  • The survey shows that 45.4% of participants either have a learning management system (LMS) or are considering buying one. Slightly fewer (43.4%) said they do not have an LMS.
  • The majority of respondents (73.4%) said that HR, has some sort of role in the decision to purchase an LMS.
  • The most important feature of an LMS, indicated by 60.4% of respondents, is “Reporting and analytics” followed by “Learning/curriculum paths,” which was indicated by 55.1%.
  • The study shows that 27.1% of those who have an LMS are satisfied with it.
  • Most respondents (78.2%) have a budget of less than $50,000 for off-the-shelf learning content. Additionally, many respondents (58.9%) have a budget of less than $2,500 for developing, designing, creating, and/or purchasing training materials and learning content.

Who Responded?

A total of 544 participants responded to the Learning Management Systems Survey, representing a diverse array of positions, industries, and organizational sizes.